Panasonic offers Fire TV, Google TV and Powered by TiVo

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 
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Panasonic set to revolutionise home entertainment with its 2024 line-up of Premium TVs

  • New 4K OLED models: Z95A, Z93A, Z90A, Z85A, Z80A
  • New 4K LED models: W95A, W90A, W80A, W70A, W60A
  • New collaboration with Amazon to simplify the discovery process
  • See it all and feel it all with picture and sound quality designed in collaboration with Hollywood
  • Level up your game with industry leading refresh rates
  • Stream your favourites and command your home with smart features galore
  • Panasonic Premium TVs combine the best quality features: Panasonic’s renowned picture and sound quality combined with an extensive range of apps —including streaming services, music and more— all rolled into an easy to use, personalised, content forward user interface

DÜSSELDORF — Today, Panasonic announced its full line-up of OLED and LED TVs for 2024. The impressive new releases will revolutionise the market — ushering in a new era of home entertainment led by Panasonic technology through a perfect integration of discovery and picture performance.

With a long-standing collaboration with Hollywood combined with Japanese precision and know-how, Panasonic has long been known for its peerless picture quality.

Addressing the challenge of content abundance, Panasonic aims to simplify the discovery process, making it easier and more enjoyable for viewers to find and immerse themselves in a wider array of content.

In order to realise this vision, Panasonic teamed up with Amazon. Starting from this year, high-end Panasonic TVs come with the Fire TV built in and Premium Panasonic features, offering users a more intuitive and integrated experience.

The collaboration with Amazon marks a significant milestone in Panasonic’s journey to empower viewers to “Explore more and feel more.”

Furthermore, Panasonic with this year’s new releases, have levelled up gaming features and smart capabilities for a revolutionary TV experience beyond anything available on the market right now.

The latest OLED and LED TVs will empower people to level-up their enjoyment. Whether that is through exploring new worlds of content, immersing yourself in a film as the filmmakers intended, fighting bravely in a gaming world, or experiencing 360 audio that transports you to the middle of the action — powerful sound and impeccable picture quality are the gateway to entertainment experiences that enhance our lives.

“The home entertainment landscape is always evolving but our newest line-up showcases why Panasonic remains the premier selection for both consumers and industry experts globally.

“With ground-breaking advancements in OLED technology and smart TV features, including the Master OLED Ultimate panels and the HCX Pro AI Processor MK II our Panasonic Premium TV line up is setting a new standard for immersive viewing experiences,” comments Paul Darch, Director Marketing Consumer Electronic Europe.

2024 TV models

Panasonic Premium TVs combine the best quality features: Panasonic’s renowned picture and sound quality combined with an extensive range of apps —including streaming services, music and more— all rolled into an easy to use, personalised, content forward user interface.

Many of the TVs also come with built in Fire TV experience and premium Panasonic features such as advanced gaming capabilities, including ultra-low latency, True Game Mode, and Game Control Board. Additional usability features include Penta Tuner, channel sorting, and a My App Button in the remote control for easy access to favourite applications.

At the heart of the 2024 line-up are the Z95A¹ and Z93A² — Panasonic’s flagship OLEDs, first announced at CES in January.

Both models feature the advanced HCX Pro AI Processor MK II and Panasonic Premium features, providing consumers with an unmatched viewing experience that brings content to life like never before; with the Z95A also benefitting from an enhanced Master OLED Ultimate panel module.

New support for Dolby Vision IQ® with Precision Detail delivers an industry-leading superior picture experience, whilst 360 Soundscape Pro, meticulously tuned by Technics, ensures immersive 3D surround sound completes the ultimate sensory entertainment experience.


Newly announced OLED models also include the Z90A³, boasting Master OLED Pro⁴ technology, with the same HCX Pro AI Processor MK II found in the flagship models, for accurate colour and vivid visuals. The Z90A is also a Panasonic Premium TV with Fire TV built in, Game Mode Extreme offering a 144Hz Refresh Rate, and features Dynamic Theatre Surround Pro with front firing speakers for a spectacular all-round TV experience.

Not to mention that far-field voice control with Alexa is available on the Z95A, Z93A and Z90A Panasonic smart TVs for the first time, so you can use your voice to easily launch apps, play music, search for titles, control your smart home and more – all from across the living room without reaching for the remote.

The Z85A⁵ delivers vibrant 4K OLED visuals with advanced gaming features and 120hz Refresh Rate, HCX Pro AI Processor MK II, Panasonic Premium TV features and enhanced audio in a user-friendly design.

And the Z80A⁶ combines brilliant quality with smart features for a fantastic OLED viewing experience. It is a Panasonic Premium TV with the Fire TV experience built in, features stunning 4K Ultra HD picture quality and FILMMAKER MODE™, all powered by the HCX Processor.


When it comes to the LED range, the W95A⁷ and W90A⁸ models lead the way. The W95A utilises Mini LED technology for a brighter, contrast-rich 4K Ultra HD picture, all thanks to the HCX Pro AI Processor MK II and enhanced FILMMAKER MODE™. It is also a Panasonic Premium TV, with the Fire TV experience built in, and features 144Hz Game Mode Extreme and True Game Mode for the ultimate viewing and gaming experience.

Meanwhile, the W90A combines Full Array LED backlighting with HCX Pro AI Processor MK II for dynamic images, Panasonic Premium TV features, elevated gaming with 144Hz Refresh Rate and comprehensive smart home features.

Further models include the W80A⁹ featuring 4K LED panels offering bright colours, sharp contrasts, and precise details thanks to Dolby Vision®, HDR10+ and FILMMAKER MODE. This Panasonic Premium TV also comes with the Fire TV experience built in so the W80 offers users a vast selection of streaming content and smart capabilities, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking high-quality viewing and smart functionality.

The W70A¹⁰ and W60A¹¹ LED models offer Google TV and Powered by TiVo operating systems respectively, giving users an alternative way to access streaming services and live TV.

More than just a TV, with Chromecast built-in™, the W70A also makes it simple to share movies, TV shows, photos, or smart home device screens from your phone or tablet straight to your TV.

While the W60A TiVo TV remote comes with free-flowing voice search that features natural, conversational dialogue. If you only remember the genre, famous quote, featured song, or actor’s name of a movie or TV show, you can refine the search as you go with fast, highly relevant results and recommendations.

Finally, the new S55/50¹² comes with Fire TV built in while the S45/S40¹³ models are Powered by TiVo—offering consumers a variety of smart features and operating systems to choose from all packaged in televisions with reliable picture quality and sound. Meanwhile, the N3014 LED gives consumers an HD LED TV option without smart features.

See it all. Feel it all.

When it comes to choosing a TV, picture quality is everything. Headlined by the Z95A and Z93A, the new 2024 line up is designed with picture quality at its core.

The Z95A, for example, features the Master OLED Ultimate panel module, coupled with the new state-of-the-art Micro Lens Array (MLA) panel, together achieving unprecedented brightness levels thanks to a multi-layer heat management system developed by Panasonic engineers.

Panasonic high-end OLED TVs are also fine-tuned in Hollywood by one of the best colourists in the world —and trusted collaborator of some of the world’s best filmmakers— Stefan Sonnenfeld. The result is accurate colour recreation for perfect white balance and gradation, creating a strikingly bright, vivid, and detailed picture that not only sets a new benchmark in OLED technology but demonstrates Panasonic’s commitment to best-in-class viewing experience.

However, it’s not only human hands that help deliver impressive picture quality. Panasonic are committed to embracing new technological advancements, including an increased use of AI in the latest line-up.

The new top-end OLEDs and LEDs15 benefit from intelligent processing thanks to the HCX Pro AI Processor MK II, packed with Japanese technology. With AI-enhanced upscaling and superior noise reduction, the processor powers the 4K Fine Remaster Engine which ensures that every scene is displayed with the utmost precision and naturalism, which is a particularly beneficial feature when it comes to compressed streaming content. AI also deciphers what type of content you are watching and adjusts the picture and sound automatically for you.

This impressive combination of technology provides viewers with a truly immersive experience for every type of content, elevating picture clarity, contrast, and colour to new heights.

Meanwhile, advancements in sound technology complete the package. The unique 360 Soundscape Pro16 integrated audio system combined with integrated upward, side-firing and front firing array speakers, tuned by Technics and Dolby Atmos® work together to completely immerse you in the content you’re watching.

The Array Speaker system17 also delivers accurate sound and enables users to take advantage of our unique Sound Focus function. These small speakers can be used to achieve pinpoint sound control and to create zones of different sound levels, so users can experience a more precise sound quality, all the while minimising potential distractions to others.

Enriching lives with moment of exhilaration and relaxation

At Panasonic, our ultimate goal is to help people live their best lives by creating useful, high-quality products that have a positive impact on the world and our customer’s day-to-day lives.

Panasonic’s collaboration with Amazon does exactly this— bringing advanced features to the 2024 line-up18 for a seamless, intuitive smart TV experience helping answer the age-old question: “What should we watch?”

Panasonic Premium TVs with Fire TV built in seamlessly integrate your favourite streaming and live TV channels, apps, and tailored recommendations on one main home screen so you can quickly find what you love without the endless scrolling. 19

But Panasonic’s engineering prowess doesn’t stop there. Panasonic Premium TVs with Fire TV built-in also have an even more powerful live TV integration, achieved thanks to Panasonic implementing many of the best features from its proprietary OS, such as Penta Tuner for advanced broadcast reception.

In addition to satellite, cable and antenna, the Penta Tuner supports reception via the Internet (IPTV) and home network (TV>IP), meaning TVs can be located independently of an antenna socket and programmes enjoyed in every room without the need for an extra TV connection.

Meanwhile, the HbbTV Operator App makes access to live and on-demand content possible without the need for hardware or smartcards, USB Recording makes for convenient viewing, and Auto tuner detection and advanced Channel Editor deliver an easy setup experience.

Another feature that makes finding and watching content more enjoyable and easier is optimised voice discovery and navigation, powered by Alexa. Users can simply push the dedicated Alexa button on their remote, speak and Alexa will navigate to the selection for them.

The top end OLED TVs20 make the user experience even easier still thanks to hands-free far-field21 technology, which allows you to ask Alexa to easily launch apps, play music, search for titles, and control your smart home and more – all from across the room without reaching for the remote.

Finally, advanced smart home integration features make the most of your TV even when it is not in use for watching content.

The Fire TV Ambient Experience turns your TV into a beautiful, always-smart display that can be an in-home gallery, a photo display, or show glanceable information like calendars and reminders through customisable Alexa widgets.

Overall, Panasonic’s Premium TVs with Fire TV built-in offer customers high-quality, personalised streaming experiences.

“At Panasonic we work with the best. Whether that is teaming up with Amazon or Hollywood filmmakers like Stefan Sonnenfeld, we ensure that the final product that makes it to our customers’ doors has been worked on by all the experts and that includes our own engineers.

“In order to deliver these innovative, quality products, we work together with our R&D Team in Japan and our European colleagues in Langen, Germany, who have close relationships with authorities, operators, broadcasters, industry bodies, equipment manufacturers, and service providers.

“We want only the best quality for our customers and so all products are tested in our Panasonic Testing Center in Hamburg before launch. This close collaboration is the key to success for Panasonic and the backbone of our product strength and quality.” Paul Darch, Director Marketing Consumer Electronic Europe.

Levelling up your gaming performance

In 2023 we encouraged gamers to turn away from traditional monitors and look to TVs to give them the gaming quality they deserve. In 2024, we have launched a plethora of features that make it impossible to look back.

Panasonic’s 2024 line-up offers an abundance of advanced gaming features that allow gamers to experience games the way developers intended.

This is especially true in the advanced OLED models22, which are part of an elite group of OLED TVs that support 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for best-in-class gameplay.

The top-end OLEDs and LEDs are also NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatible and AMD FreeSync™ Premium23 certified televisions. Owners of certified devices and/or graphics cards can plug in and play without a care in the world thanks to AMD FreeSync™ or NVIDIA® G-SYNC® technology and put an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames for a smooth gaming experience.

It’s not all about response and frame times though, with enhanced Game Mode Extreme, Panasonic have also improved the sound picture quality for a truly immersive experience. “True Game” brings all the colour accuracy features available for movies into the world of gaming. This gives gamers accurate and realistic visuals, allowing them to fully experience the game as the developer intended. Not to mention that it also displays less blue light to lesson eye strain when gaming for long periods of time.

The new Game Control Board — a gaming specific setting menu feature that is displayed on the screen for easier and more intuitive game settings that can be changed on the fly while you game— also features advanced sound modes. It lets gamers switch between Game Sound Modes for RPG (Role-Playing Games) and FPS (First-Person Shooter) genres.

The RPG mode creates a 3D soundscape with clear dialogues, essential for immersive storytelling and strategic gameplay. While, the FPS mode is finely tuned to accentuate crucial sound cues, like footsteps, providing a tactical advantage in shooter games.

The 2024 OLED TVs also feature 60Hz Refresh Mode, which dramatically decreases the latency when users are playing 60Hz source.

A tradition of excellence

For 70 years, Panasonic has been at the forefront of technological innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in home entertainment, always with sustainability front of mind.

The 2024 TV line-up is a testament to this legacy, offering consumers the pinnacle of picture quality, smart functionality, and gaming performance all in line with Panasonic’s commitment to sustainability and smart living.

From optimised voice discovery and smart home integration to personalised content recommendations, Panasonic TVs are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, making every interaction simple and enjoyable.

Prepare to experience home entertainment like never before.

¹ Available in 65” and 55”
² Available in 77”
³ Available in 65”, 55”, 48” and 42”
⁴ Not available in the 42” or 48”
⁵ Available in 65” and 55”
⁶ Available in 65” and 55”
⁷ Available in 75”, 65” and 55”
⁸ Available in 65”, 55”, 50” and 43”
⁹ Available in 65”, 55”, 50” and 43”
¹⁰ Available in 65”, 55”, 50” and 43”
¹¹ Available in 65”, 55”, 50” and 43”
¹² Available in 40”, 32”, and 24”
¹³ Available in 40”, 32”, and 24”
¹⁴ Available in 32” and 24”
¹⁵ Available on the Z95A, Z93A, Z90A, Z85A, W95A, and W90A models
¹⁶ Available on the Z95A and Z93A only
¹⁷ Available on the Z95A and Z93A only
¹⁸ Available on the Z95A, Z93A, Z90A, Z85A, Z80A, W95A, W90A, W80A and S55/S50 models
¹⁹ Panasonic Premium TV with Fire TV built-in features will vary depending on the model, region and the software the television is running. More features may be available at later dates with future software updates.
²⁰ Available on the Z95A, Z93A and Z90A only
²¹ Available on the Z95A, Z93A and Z90A only
²² 144hz only available in Z95A, Z93A, Z90A, W95A, W90A
²³ AMD FreeSync/FreeSync Premium/FreeSync Premium Pro technology requires AMD Radeon graphics and a display certified by AMD. Confirm capability with your system or display manufacturer before purchase.

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