Fox to introduce dynamic ad insertion for College Football with FreeWheel

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 
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Fox Corporation and FreeWheel Announce Expanded Partnership to Introduce Dynamic Ad Insertion for College Football on FOX and Proprietary AdRise Integration

  • FreeWheel will programmatically enable Tubi, and the entire One FOX portfolio, by serving as the company’s primary monetization engine.
  • This agreement includes a proprietary integration between FOX’s AdRise and FreeWheel to further drive scale, access and a more simplified path to premium video ad inventory.

NEW YORK — Fox Corporation (Nasdaq: FOXA, FOX; “FOX” or the “Company”) today announced that through its newly expanded partnership with FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry, it will expand its dynamic ad insertion capabilities and rollout new co-developed targeting technology. FreeWheel will also become FOX’s primary ad serving partner across the entire One FOX enterprise.

FreeWheel’s technology will now power FOX’s ability to offer dynamic ad insertion in College Football, allowing advertisers to purchase more premium live sports inventory from FOX while also incorporating a variety of features to provide an optimal viewing experience for audiences.

FOX’s AdRise and FreeWheel have also partnered to build technology that can enrich an ad opportunity with contextual signals ranging from specific player or team information to the type of play or score happening in the live game. This further allows advertisers to purchase One FOX inventory in high attention moments where audiences are paying closer attention to the onscreen action.

The move comes as FOX furthers its shift toward automated forms of ad transactions. FreeWheel will utilize capabilities across its portfolio, including Beeswax, to create a unified pool of premium video ad inventory across the entire One FOX portfolio that can be more directly available to marketers using FreeWheel’s technology.

“The TV ad marketplace is very complex and when we thought about who is doing a great job helping advertisers to cut through that clutter and drive ROI, FreeWheel clearly stood out,” said Darren Sherriff, Senior Vice President, Advertising Technology Solutions, FOX. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our advertising partners a powerful way to reach engaged audiences across the entire Fox portfolio, including our premium live sports events, while prioritizing and protecting the viewer experience.”

“We are excited and proud to strengthen our relationship with FOX,” said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel. “Our antidote to today’s complicated ad landscape is to provide technology and solutions to help further accelerate the momentum, growth and innovation behind premium video. As FOX’s primary ad serving partner, we are looking forward to working with them – and advertisers – to drive better business results.”

The collaboration brings synergistic benefits to advertisers working with FOX and FreeWheel. Marketers, specifically, now have the ability to access one, scaled FOX opportunity to drive incremental audience reach. FOX, meanwhile, now has a simplified way to package its ad inventory supply, particularly for audience-based selling.

This long-term deal expands on FreeWheel’s previous relationship with FOX. In November 2022, Fox Corporation announced that it had tapped FreeWheel to power its One FOX video inventory across the company’s leading entertainment, sports, streaming and news portfolio.

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