EBU sets out strategic asks on generative AI and media

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 
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EBU announces its strategic asks on generative AI and media

  • The EBU has prioritized AI in 2024, releasing a strategic paper on generative AI and public service media, emphasizing the need for cooperation among regulators, AI developers, and media.
  • Key areas of focus include data use, source attribution and display, prominence / verification.
  • Upcoming initiatives include the annual EBU AI Summit, EBU Academy School of AI, and the release of the annual News Report on AI in the News in June.

On 11 June, the EBU released a strategic paper for generative artificial intelligence (AI) and media. In 2024, the EBU designated AI a strategic priority and is supporting its Members to implement AI tools knowledgeably, effectively, and in the best interests of audiences.

In this new publication, the EBU communities of News, Technology & Innovation, Digital, and Legal & Policy have extracted the hot button topics around generative AI for public service media.

Eric Scherer, Director of the News MediaLab at France Télévisions and Chair of the EBU News Committee, said: “Today, AI is the burning issue for public service media, who seek to maximize its benefits in the public interest. To do this, we need regulators, AI developers and media to find a common purpose through open and ongoing dialogue, which is what we’re advocating in the EBU strategic paper on Generative AI and public service media. Our paper sets out our vision—including some red lines—to ensure public media organizations can continue to serve European society properly.”

The text notes the potential positive and negative impacts of generative AI on public service media’s ability to function properly and calls for a coordinated approach covering: data use, source attribution and display, as well as prominence / verification.

The EBU’s AI initiatives include a PSM AI Strategies report drawing on the lessons learned by AI-advanced Members; an annual EBU AI Summit convening leaders and AI practitioners to collaborate and learn; the EBU Academy School of AI, offering training in emerging AI-linked specialisms; and an AI Ethics Group, which considers ethical implications of PSM using AI.

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