Magnite and Charter extend ad partnership to Spectrum TV App

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 
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Magnite and Spectrum Reach Team Up To Enhance Access to Programmatic Advertising

  • Expanded Partnership Extends Automated Advertising Capability Across Spectrum’s Linear and Streaming TV Inventory

NEW YORK — Magnite (NASDAQ:MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company, and Spectrum Reach®, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, Inc., today announced an expanded partnership that enhances programmatic ad-buying access across Spectrum Reach’s extensive library of premium linear and streaming television inventory.

With the agreement, Spectrum Reach will expand on the current use of Magnite’s technology, which is focused on delivering targeted ads in a programmatic, or automated, fashion in a privacy-focused way to consumers watching TV via the Spectrum TV App. Spectrum TV App is the country’s highest-rated pay TV streaming app¹ and most-viewed streaming service in the U.S. on an hours-per-household basis.²

The two parties’ agreement effectively extends Magnite’s full programmatic capabilities to Spectrum’s newest video delivery technology, allowing ad buyers to bid on individual impression opportunities available on the app in real-time. Ad buyers will also benefit from centralized planning and frequency management capabilities across linear and digital platforms.

“Our partnership with Magnite will help our clients unlock the full reach and capabilities of programmatic advertising,” said Dan Callahan, Group Vice President of National Sales for Spectrum Reach. “Magnite’s efforts to drive increased interoperability have helped us maximize the value of our inventory to advertisers so they can reach the desired audience for their campaign.”

Spectrum Reach provides custom advertising solutions for local, regional, and national clients, using its aggregated and de-identified first-party data to reach audiences on any platform. Spectrum Reach’s multiscreen advertising sales inventory offers access to more than 60 linear networks and over 450 streaming networks and partners, enabling advertisers to reach consumers on TV, streaming, online video, display, search and social media platforms.

“Magnite has been a pioneer in the programmatic space and is committed to advancing the growth of automated advertising access across all environments where TV is consumed,” said Matt McLeggon, Senior Vice President, Advanced Solutions at Magnite. “We’re pleased to bring expanded Spectrum Reach streaming access to programmatic buyers and to introduce the advanced capabilities of programmatic to traditional television. These efforts will help Spectrum Reach create enhanced revenue opportunities, ensuring ad buyers benefit from greater efficiencies and targeting capabilities.”

These new capabilities will benefit ad-buying agencies by helping them drive media effectiveness for their clients. “Our partnership with Spectrum Reach now allows for dynamic ad insertion into linear content, offering a distinct and valuable targeting capability,” said David Nyurenburg at Rain the Growth Agency. “Spectrum Reach’s transparency and detailed data signals are instrumental in our ability to fine-tune campaign strategies, driving improved performance and achieving higher levels of client satisfaction.”

1. iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) average ratings as of Feb. 1, 2024. Apps must have at least 150k reviews through combination of iOS & Android store reviews as of Feb. 1, 2024.
2. Comscore CTV Intelligence Report 2022 through Dec 2023, U.S. Statement based on measurement of Average Hours Per HH Per Month for Spectrum TV App vs. top streaming providers as measured on connected TVs, gaming consoles and streaming devices.

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