NetRange Smart TV Portal gains FAST channels from OTTera

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 

NetRange Smart TV Portal Expands Content Offering with FAST Channels from OTTera

LOS ANGELES, USA & HAMBURG, Germany — NetRange MMH GmbH (‘NetRange‘ an ACCESS company), the global provider of white-labeled, turnkey Smart TV and OTT ecosystems, and OTTera, a leader in OTT (Over-The-Top) applications and FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) channel playout solutions, announced that OTTera’s FAST channels are now available to TV manufacturers and content brands through the NetRange Smart TV Portal ecosystem.

Netrange-OTTera FAST channels on Smart TV - PR graphic

“Thanks to our partnership with NetRange, we have the opportunity to capitalize on the ever-expanding market of Smart TV brands that are eager to enrich their content portfolios by delivering FAST channels through our StreamBridge™ service,” said Jordan Warkol, VP of Business Development, OTTera.

“The OTTera FAST channels joining our Smart TV ecosystem aligns with our strategic goal of offering a diverse and engaging content ecosystem, enabling OTTera to expand the reach of its FAST channels. This agreement enables NetRange to provide its content brand and TV manufacturing customers with increased user engagement, revenue opportunities, and long-term business growth,” said Michi Uemetsu, CTO of ACCESS CO., LTD.

NetRange Smart TV Portals and App Stores offer a seamless avenue for content creators, TV manufacturers, media, and entertainment distributors to capitalize on the connected and Smart TV trend. The company provides portal and ecosystem solutions tailored for Smart TV manufacturers, retailers, and content brands. Moreover, NetRange consistently seeks to broaden its global content selection by collaborating with leading global and local providers, placing particular emphasis on emerging markets. NetRange portals and ecosystems can be operated as global solutions or designed for specific markets; this combination of global content with leading local content is a key focus for NetRange’s Smart TV portfolio.

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