NetRange adds OKAST FAST channels to smart TV offering

Thursday, June 27th, 2024 
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NetRange Integrates OKAST’s FAST Channels to Enrich Global Smart TV Offering

HAMBURG, Germany — NetRange MMH GmbH (‘NetRange‘), an ACCESS company, a global leader in Smart TV solutions, today announced a new partnership with OKAST, a leading provider of premium FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels. This collaboration enriches NetRange’s Smart TV offering by adding OKAST’s diverse portfolio of premium FAST channels that resonate with local audiences’ values and cultures. For OKAST, this widens its customer base to include the 35 million TVs (existing in market global TV population plus forecast sales for 2024) from OEM device manufacturers and brands that build consumer content offerings from the NetRange App Store.

“By integrating OKAST’s premium FAST channels into our Smart TV solution, we not only extend the reach of OKAST’s premium FAST channels, but also enhance the content offering for our customers globally,” said Michi Uematsu, CEO, ACCESS CO., LTD.”

NetRange’s turnkey technology for FAST TV, including platform integration, TV player integration, backend management, and platform management, enables precise targeting of channels by country. This means that OKAST can now effectively target and reach new addressable audiences and widens the FAST offering for our global customers.”

“Partnering with NetRange enables us to leverage its robust Smart TV ecosystem, reaching a broader audience without the hassle of multiple technical integrations,” said Cédric Monnier, CEO and co-founder of OKAST. “Through the NetRange App Store simple integration process, we can now port our FAST channels once and deploy them across multiple TV brands seamlessly.”

This new collaboration is a key aspect of the bold strategy of the European group FAST4EU, established by OKAST, to build a European network aimed at the FAST market. OKAST intends to expand its range of channels to provide tailored content to local viewers in each region, showcasing the richness and excellence of European programming that aligns with their preferences and cultural identity.