German study shows high consumer interest in 5G broadcast

Thursday, June 27th, 2024 
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Study shows high consumer interest in 5G broadcast as “TV to go”

  • Two thirds of respondents find 5G Broadcast (very) interesting
  • The most relevant feature is independence of the mobile network or Wi-Fi
  • There is particular interest in linear television programs when using on the move

COLOGNE – A recent Kantar study shows a high level of consumer interest in 5G Broadcast, the new broadcast transmission technology for mobile 5G devices. Today, 12% of respondents already consume traditional television programs outside the home on a daily basis. This usage is expected to increase significantly with 5G Broadcast. According to the study, two thirds of respondents can imagine 5G Broadcast – i.e. “television to go” – as a good alternative to streaming via the internet. Specifically with regard to formats that could be used on-the-go, interest in the use of linear television content is most pronounced.

Two thirds of respondents are interested in 5G Broadcast as “television to go”, with 36% even stating that they are very interested. The most relevant features are use without a mobile network or Wi-Fi, stable transmission without overloading the network, no need for additional equipment and low-cost use without consuming data volume.

TV To-Go - strong interest

5G Broadcast does not burden the data volume of mobile customers. This is why 68% of the interested users stated that they would like to consume live television content, i.e. linear TV, more frequently on the go via this new reception channel, and 28% would even do so significantly more often. In terms of specific content, interest in classic television is highest. 61% of study participants with an interest in using 5G Broadcast would view linear television programs from public and private broadcasters.

Potential content usage

Further results of the study show that the use of 5G Broadcast is most likely to be of interest in everyday situations. Above all, 5G Broadcast prospective users can imagine using “TV to go” during waiting times at train stations, airports or at the doctor’s (58%), when traveling by bus or train (52%) or in parks or other public places (37%).

Potential usage situations

“The study confirms that we are on the right track with 5G Broadcast as a new distribution channel for broadcasting,” says Francie Petrick, Managing Director of Media Broadcast. “With our 5G Broadcast Pilot in Halle (Saale), we are now offering all interested parties the opportunity to test the future technology for their individual needs.”

The survey was conducted by the market research institute Kantar on behalf of Media Broadcast and with the support of the ARD broadcasters BR, NDR, rbb and SWR. It was aimed at people aged 16 and over and took place between the end of April and the beginning of May 2024. Over 2,000 respondents took part in the representative online survey. The aim of the study was to gain insights into the population’s interest in 5G Broadcast. The results provide an insight into the extent to which consumers see added value in 5G Broadcast for their personal use.

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