Passes selects Bitmovin Player and Analytics to empower creators

Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 
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Passes selects the Bitmovin Player and Analytics to empower creators to deliver high-quality streams, protect content

  • Passes is using Bitmovin’s Player and Analytics so creators can deliver more high-quality streams with the added benefit of Digital Rights Management to protect creators’ unique content. The Bitmovin Player offers DRM on the most extensive range of device

DENVER, Colorado — Bitmovin, a leading provider of video streaming infrastructure, announces that Passes, a creator monetization platform, has deployed the Bitmovin Player and Analytics on Google Cloud to provide a more seamless streaming experience for its users coupled with more robust support for Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect creators’ unique content.

Passes is a platform that provides tools for creators to engage with their audience via subscriptions, paid DMs, 1-1 calls, livestreams, and more. Passes was on the lookout for a robust video player due to its complex DRM security requirements that it needs to protect its users’ content. Passes chose the Bitmovin Player, which provides comprehensive DRM protection on most devices.

“Our ultimate goal is to help creators foster more direct connections with their fans while also developing more exclusive, monetizable content. It’s crucial that our platform offers the highest level of security to protect our creators’ content, and when we evaluated the players on the market, we quickly concluded that the Bitmovin Player was the best match for our technical requirements.” said Aaron Friedlander, Head of Engineering.

Passes also deployed Bitmovin Analytics for real-time stream monitoring that analyzes user-session data and helps track and fix playback issues before they impact users and optimize for the best viewing experience.

“Bitmovin Analytics provides us with deep user metrics that ensure we have real-time insights into how streams are performing and that our creators can keep their fans engaged with the best streaming experience.” commended Friedlander.

“Passes has tapped into the zeitgeist of creator-led content and filled the market need for content creators to become entrepreneurs with highly monetizable content. Passes is on an incredibly exciting journey, and it’s a huge honor that it trusted Bitmovin to optimize the video streaming experience and secure its content with our robust DRM support,” concluded Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin.

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