Visteon Infotainment Solutions to Receive ATSC Mobile Digital TV

Thursday, January 8th, 2009
Visteon logo

LAS VEGAS — Preparing for the explosive growth of broadcast mobile video, Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC), a worldwide leader in automotive entertainment systems, is developing in-vehicle infotainment solutions that will receive local digital television (DTV) broadcasts using the emerging Advanced Systems Television Committee (ATSC) Mobile DTV standard.

This week, at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – booth CP13 in the Central Plaza – Visteon is demonstrating its capability by showing how ATSC Mobile DTV further expands the capabilities of its popular Family Entertainment System solutions.

Visteon – working with ATSC Mobile DTV co-developers LG Electronics, Zenith and Harris Corporation – is demonstrating a prototype automotive-grade receiver based on the new ATSC Candidate Standard, which display local and network digital TV broadcasts enabling:

  • Mobile reception of ATSC digital TV broadcasts from local stations
  • Subscription-free service similar to existing ATSC broadcast
  • Potential to offer premium content with conditional access

“The open standard now being approved by the ATSC is expected to create new business opportunities in the automotive sector over the next couple of years,” said Kyle Walworth, senior manager, Visteon global audio and infotainment architectures. “With ATSC Mobile DTV, Visteon is well-positioned by its experience with in-vehicle integration to deliver a solution that will allow consumers to view local and network digital broadcasts when traveling.”

ATSC Mobile DTV builds on the flexibility of Visteon’s experience integrating consumer electronics into the automotive environment, providing vehicle manufacturers applications with differentiating features that deliver value. The open ATSC standard, which has broad support by U.S. broadcasters, will allow TV stations to use their existing spectrum, towers and transmitters to deliver DTV signals to mobile and handheld devices.

Packaging and installation flexibility of Visteon’s solutions allows automotive manufacturers to adopt ATSC-compatible products into a wide range of vehicle types. For instance, screens can be mounted in the headliner, seat backs or center console and the DVD player can be integrated in the center console or integrated with an overhead screen module. Using common platform elements helps reduce installation costs, while support for both factory and dealer-installed systems meets the challenges of integrating consumer electronics into vehicles.