Home Wide HD Video over Wireless Product Launched by AXAR Media

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

LAS VEGAS & BRISTOL, England — AXAR Media today debuts the AXAR 1000 to deliver high-definition (HD) video wirelessly throughout the home.

The AXAR 1000 Sender and Receiver are the only HD video over wireless products to combine globally ubiquitous standards, such as 802.11n Wi-Fi and H.264 AVC, with proprietary techniques to send live TV and recorded video to HDTVs throughout the home.

The stylish devices have two inputs enabling HD video, from set-top boxes, DVRs or Blu-ray players, to be securely distributed over Wi-Fi. The HD content can also be received by Wi-Fi enabled PCs, notebooks and mobile devices.

The AXAR 1000 is a simple to use self install product targeted towards pay TV operators who want to offer a flexible multi-room solution to their subscribers. The product’s intuitive functionality means it can be readily set up by the end user, eliminating the need for a costly truck-roll.

A recent report by Informa Telecoms and Media has predicted the HDTV market will grow from 44 million households in 2008 to 179 million by 2012. As this happens, consumers will be looking for easy ways to view HD content on the proliferation of displays around their homes, and wireless solutions will be the preferred choice.

“Thanks to our unique know-how, the AXAR 1000 has the best range and penetration of any wireless consumer device delivering live HD video” commented AXAR Media’s VP of business development, Ian Walsh.

“Delivering live TV over Wi-Fi has unique constraints: you can’t simply treat video like other forms of data. The home is an extremely hostile environment for wireless signals, given the potential for interference from household appliances and other networks, so ensuring robustness has been high on our agenda,” stated Professor Andrew Nix, co-founder of AXAR Media. “The breadth of expertise within AXAR Media has allowed us to apply exclusive techniques to overcome the difficulties traditionally associated with video over wireless.”

AXAR Media will also be demonstrating its technology as part of the UKTI’s CES Unveiled event. It is one of a select group of companies chosen by UKTI to highlight British innovation at CES.