ViXS Systems and ProVision Communications Work Together to Deliver Superior Wireless HD Video

Friday, January 9th, 2009
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XCode™ 3290 AVC video processing a key enabler for Wireless HD products

TORONTO, Canada — ViXS Systems Inc., a leading developer of video processing solutions, today announced that ProVision Communications, a wireless and HD video company, is using the ViXS XCode™ 3290 video processor for their new AXAR 1000 product, which distributes HD video throughout the home over an 802.11n wireless network.

ProVision’s AXAR 1000 is the first fully integrated wireless HD product for home-wide use on the market, and takes advantage of the ViXS XCode™ 3290 advanced video processing features such as HD MPEG4 Part 10 AVC encoding and decoding up to 1080i resolutions. The AXAR 1000 product supports a variety of true HD resolutions: 1080i50, 1080i60, 720p50, 720p60, 576i50, and 480i60, and boasts an unrivalled wireless range around the home.

David Sykes, CEO of AXAR Media, said: “Consumers want the freedom to watch HD content anywhere in their homes, and wireless is the obvious choice avoiding the cost, unsightliness and inconvenience of running wires everywhere. The ViXS XCode™ solution provides the AXAR 1000 with several of the key components required to bring wireless delivery of HD video in the home to fruition.”

“ProVision has recognized the value of our XCode™ 3290, making the AXAR 1000 the first product to deliver the necessary robustness and reliability to make wireless HD throughout the home a reality,” said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. “The XCode 3290’s industry-leading video decoding, high-quality video compression and overall cost effectiveness has allowed ProVision to pioneer a new frontier in home wireless video delivery.”

The AXAR 1000, and other ViXS-based products, solutions and technology will be on display at CES 2009 from January 8 to 11, 2008. ViXS will be in Room 36162MP of South Hall 4 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.