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Monday, February 9th, 2009
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  • Over your telephone line, using ADSL and IPTV technologies
  • Digital TV channels with electronic program guide
  • Films without commercials, anytime you want through FilmΕxpress and FilmClub
  • Amazing offer of 15 euro/month both for TV programmes and video on demand services
  • Availability in Attica, Thessalonica, Patra, Larissa and Iraklio, Crete. Gradually in all prefecture capitals.

ATHENS — With ‘take control’ as its motto, OTE Group (ASE: HTO, NYSE: OTE) presents conn-x TV. An innovative service for watching Greek and Foreign TV channels as well as films on demand, is offered for the first time in a wide scale in Greece. OTE brings a new era in television, and invites you to get acquainted with conn-x TV, so that you can be in control of your entertainment and news reporting!

Conn-x TV is the most technologically advanced way of transmitting a TV signal through a broadband connection over an ordinary telephone line. Consumers can watch TV channels with digital clarity, whereas through FilmExpress and FilmClub (Video On Demand), they have the option of choosing the content they wish (movies, TV series, music videos, documentaries, travel guides etc.) and watch it anytime they want.

Conn-x TV offers over 30 digital TV channels, from Greece and around the world, while OTE keeps on adding new channels. Currently conn-x TV includes the following channels:

  • Free-to-Air Greek analog and digital channels
  • News Channels (Euronews, Deutsche Welle, France24, Al Jazeera, Russia Today)
  • Sports Channels (Eurosport, Eurosport2, Extreme Sports, ESPN Classic, ESPN America)
  • Documentary Channels (Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel & Living, Discovery World)
  • Lifestyle (Style TV, Zone Reality, Fashion TV, World Fashion)
  • Music Channels (C Music TV, Nat Geo Music)

Furthermore, conn-x TV has an exclusive sports channel, conn-x TV Sports! This exclusive conn-x TV channel shows important sports events, such as English, Portuguese and Italian football matches, while its program also includes daily sports news shows.

Conn-x TV channels program can be accessed through an easy-to-use interactive guide which gives the option of scheduling recording for the following 7 days.

It should be noted that conn-x TV does not affect traditional TV reception.

Apart from the rich television program, viewers can choose the film they want to watch, when they want to watch it, through the FilmExpress and FilmClub services without having to wait for the video to download and without interruptions for commercials, whereas users can rewind, pause, skip, stop and fast forward the movie.

FilmExpress is a virtual Video Club. Conn-x TV customers have the option of selecting a film from a collection of over 200 titles that is updated regularly. FilmExpress includes TV premieres from major Studios. Once a film is rented (pay per view), it is available for 24 hours.

With FilmClub, subscribers become members to the subscriber VideoClub service offered by conn-x TV. Viewers can watch over and over famous television series, movies, music videoclips, documentaries, cartoon series etc, from the FilmClub collection that includes more than 700 titles.

Aiming to make new technologies widely available, OTE offers conn-x TV at a special introductory price until May 31st, 2009, for a 12-month contract. Specifically:

Service                                      Price
-------                                      ----- 
Conn-x TV (television channels) + FilmClub   €15/month 
FilmExpress                                  €2-4.5  per film  
Equipment                                    Free for 12-month contract

Furthermore, OTE offers a STB with a built-in hard drive for all those who wish to take advantage of the Time Shifted TV and Personal Video Recording options.

Initially, conn-x TV will be offered in Attica, Thessalonica, Patra, Larissa and Iraklio (Crete), while gradually, within 2009, it will be available in all prefecture capitals. The required conn-x package for someone to subscribe to conn-x TV is 8 or 24 Mbps. Conn-x TV is becoming reality thanks to OTE’s investments in broadband technologies throughout Greece over the last few years, as well as on deploying one of most advanced IPTV platforms.

Consumers can find out more about conn-x TV and place an order calling 134 or visiting an OTEshop or a GERMANOS store.