SiS Launches First H.264 HDTV Processor - SiS329H

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

TAIPEI — Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(SiS), today unveiled a new high integrated HDTV processor, SiS329H, to address the growing need of receiving the H.264 broadcasting programs in Europe. The SiS329H HDTV processor integrates a 226MHz Universal Video Decoding Engine (UVDE) capable of parsing the H.264/AVC HP@L3.0/3.2/4.1 complaint streams, as well as the MPEG2 MP@ML/HL streams. To support the audio counter-part of these standards, the SiS329H also integrates a Universal Audio Decoding Engine (UADE) capable of parsing the HE-AAC-Stereo (level 2), MPEG1 L1/L2/L3(MP3), and AC3 complaint streams. To ensure the picturesque display of these decoded video streams, they are further processed by the integrated 6th generation Digital Native Video Engine (DNVE™) technology.

The 6th generation Digital Native Video Engine (DNVE™) is featuring in the following:

  • Content-dependent 3D noise reduction eliminates Gaussian, Mosquito, MPEG Block and Color noises while still retaining ghost-free or free of edge blurring.
  • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing heuristics between temporal and spatial domain eliminates sparkle and mesh effect.
  • Enhanced Diagonal-line Compensation with low-angle interpolation and Full-HD line buffers ensures crispy, razor-sharp diagonal lines.
  • A color optimization engine with flesh-tone and six favorite color adjustments increases the low saturation color and eliminates over-saturating and unwanted skin-one or white-tone shifts.
  • Adaptive Dynamic Contrast Enhancer dramatically enhances the visual contrast without clipping black or white.

Besides, throughout the entire processing stages, the data structure is represented in an earnest 10 bit 444 format to carry less noise, more detailed, and sharper color images. A Picture Quality Adjustment tool is also provided to facilitate the system designer to fulfill his preferred picture tone. Furthermore, the integrated OSD engine is extremely powerful, and function-rich, featuring multi-planes, animation effect, arbitrary size, high color with 256-level transparency; and fade-in/fade-out effect, while still maintaining higher memory BW efficiency and seamless composition with the video. An easy-to-operate OSD generator is also provided to automate the generation of the preferred stylish OSD menu within a minute.

The SiS329H HDTV processor integrates the 3D Comb filter based PAL/SECAM decoder with the fast-blanking Mixer, the Multi-standard ATV sound decoder, the Transport Stream DeMux , the UVDE, the UADE, the embedded audio processor with 24 bit Audio codec, the 170MHz Triple ADC, the HDMI 1.3 compliant receiver with CEC capability, the 6th generation DNVE, the Common Interface controller, and the dual Transport Stream buses. Moreover, two USB 2.0 ports are integrated for photo-viewing the JPEG file from thumb-drive or HDD storage devices, with the aide of the built-in H/W accelerated JPEG viewer, or for downloading the video/audio streams from the PC through the external USB wireless or Ethernet dangle, respectively.

The SiS329H HDTV processor is a DVB-T/H.264 compliant HDTV processor supporting the various levels of sophisticated middle-ware including CI stack, Sunrise DVB-T, and Voyager MHEG-5 , which is co-developed from Ocean Blue Software for targeting at Pan-Europe HDTV system application.

Engineer sample is available now for designing and validating and expected to be mass-produced by May, 2009.