Irdeto Selects S3's StormTest to Automate Testing of End-To-End Conditional Access System

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
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COLOGNE — Anga Cable 2009 — Silicon & Software Systems (S3), a leading provider of products, services and IP to the Digital TV industry, today announced that Irdeto (JSE: NPN) has selected their StormTest product to support the development and testing of their Conditional Access (CA) system. StormTest is a set-top box (STB) automated test and analysis system. Its extensive and flexible automation framework enables improvements in test cycle time, execution cost and repeatability.

Irdeto’s solution is a modular large operator CA system used to secure DVB, IP and Mobile content. Irdeto is using the StormTest product to perform end-to-end testing of different features on multiple varieties of STBs. StormTest is known for its ease of use and extensibility and through tight integration with a defect management system can automatically raise defect reports during regression testing.

“We have investigated the capabilities of the StormTest system and have determined that it is the right product to support the set-top box aspects of our system test automation” said Rory O’Connor, vice president of engineering for Irdeto’s Digital TV product group. “One of the most compelling reasons for Irdeto to use StormTest is that it allows us to control and monitor production set-top boxes and Conditional Access system components directly from within our test environment, enabling us to automate a wide range of end-to-end test cases. This ensures that for all product releases, we can repeatably and efficiently validate the correct performance of both the new functionality and the extensive existing functionality.” concluded O’Connor.

“Irdeto is trusted worldwide to secure and enable the delivery of their customer’s valuable content across digital broadcast, IP, mobile, enterprise and government networks. S3’s StormTest product integrates easily with Irdeto’s technical infrastructure to ensure automated control of their testing interfaces all the way through from their head-end component to multiple set-top boxes.” said John Maguire, Director of Product Strategy, TV Technology, S3. “StormTest relieves the pain of having to manually test new functionality across a variety of set-top boxes and allows our customers to automate large amounts of their testing in a seamless and controlled fashion.” concluded Maguire.

For a demo of S3’s StormTest product please visit our Booth #A51 at Anga Cable 2009 or visit our website at for further details.