Ocean Blue's CI+ 'Turbo' software passes the test

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
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BRISTOL, UK — Ocean Blue Software’s CI+ has been enhanced with extra features and has been verified with the SmarDTV interoperability test kit.

Since 2008, Ocean Blue Software has been working closely with the CI Plus LLP (previously CI+ Forum) to contribute to the launch and testing of the CI+ standard, and has developed both a CI+ software stack and CI+ browser to v1.2 of the CI Plus LLP specification.

The latest version of the CI+ specification details optional features which Ocean Blue Software has already incorporated into their Sunrise CI+ product, those features are;

  • Low Speed Communications

    This resource allows the CAM to use communication channels that are available on the host. This can be used as part of a conditional access system or as an interaction channel.

  • CA PVR Resource

    This resource allows the receiver to record protected content and to play it back at a later date.

  • SAS Resource

    SAS is “Specific Application Support”. This resource provides a communication channel between the application on the CI+ CAM and an MHP application on the receiver.

Ocean Blue’s CI+ software stack, which has passed the conformance tests defined and implemented by the SmarDTV test kit, has now been registered with the CI Plus LLP via the Interim License Agreement issued by the Trust Centre.

The SmarDTV test kit validates the CI+ CAM and host authentication processes, secure communication, transport stream decryption and copy protection information. It also tests the other parts of the specification including software download, localisation and man-machine interface. “SmarDTV has been collaborating with Ocean Blue Software for the past 18 months and we are delighted that their CI+ software stack is interoperable with our CI+ modules.” commented Conor Ryan, Vice-President of Marketing at SmarDTV.

The SmarDTV CI+ test kit was run with Ocean Blue’s CI+ software stack fully integrated with Sunrise DVB and CI+ Browser components. All three software components can be supplied on their own for integration into third party modules or as a complete turnkey CI+ solution.

Ocean Blue Software developed the world’s first CI+ application, in conjunction with SmarDTV, back in 2008. The ground-breaking application delivered advanced graphic applications inside a CAM, to run on a CI+ enabled television or set top box.

Ocean Blue’s software components are mature, hardware agnostic with well defined and documented APIs; allowing manufacturers to port and validate software with minimal delay and cost.

Demonstrations of Ocean Blue’s CI+ software solutions, amongst other products, will be available on their stand at IBC this year; Hall 5, booth A12.