UK analogue switch-off reaches millionth home

Monday, September 7th, 2009
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The switch to digital TV reaches its millionth home this week as analogue channels are turned off for good in two areas of the UK.

On 9 September, more than 300,000 homes in Wales and the West Country will be the latest to switch since the five-year campaign to upgrade the terrestrial TV system started in November 2008. Latest research”  indicates around 10 per cent of homes in areas of the UK yet to switch are still watching analogue TV on their main set.

David Scott, Chief Executive of Digital UK, said: ‘This week marks a significant milestone for our campaign. As we prepare to switch our millionth home, we are confident that most viewers are well prepared for the end of the analogue era.

‘I’m pleased that our information campaign and support for viewers is working well but we’ve also learned important lessons which will help refine our approach as switchover moves across the UK.’

So far in 2009, Digital UK and its partner organisation, the Switchover Help Scheme, have:

  • Provided advice to more than 180,000 callers to the Digital UK helpline
  • Helped more than 100,000 older and disabled people switch to digital
  • Provided two million postcode checks which tell viewers when they switch
  • Advised a million visitors to digital switchover roadshows across the UK

Switchover has been completed in the Border TV region and will conclude in the West Country TV region this week, extending Freeview coverage to more than 400,000 homes for the first time.