New Zealand - Freeview achieves strong household take-up

Monday, August 13th, 2007
Freeview NZ logo

A mere three months after Freeview ushered in a new era in New Zealand broadcasting, take-up figures for the period clearly show New Zealanders are embracing all that free-to-air digital broadcasting provides.

Sales figures show more than 21,000 set-top-boxes have been purchased since Freeview’s launch in May, taking the total number of households with free-to-air digital satellite reception to an estimated 41,000. This illustrates that New Zealanders have clearly connected with the digital television and radio service and chosen to make bad reception a thing of the past.

Steve Browning, General Manger, Freeview, says when the service was launched the target was 40,000 households, or 100,000 New Zealanders, accessing Freeview’s satellite service within a year.

“We’re tracking well ahead of forecast as our initial 12-month take-up projection has been surpassed in our first quarter. It’s a great result, which indicates that people do want crystal clear, digital quality, and they want it for free,” he says.

“We’ve also been able to announce the addition of some compelling new television services. These include TVNZ Sport Extra, TVNZ Kidzone, Family and Showcase, and a Freeview satellite exclusive version of the highly regarded Triangle Television – Triangle Stratos. The addition of these services can only enrich the viewing experience that Freeview offers and shows we are tracking well towards our target of 12-15 television services by the end of next year,” he adds.

Freeview take-up in regions such as Northland, Nelson, and Southland has been particularly strong. Once again this shows that people appreciate the leap in quality that digital reception offers.

More information regarding the current service and future plans can be found on the Freeview NZ website.