Digiturk Launches VOD And High Definition Personal Video Recording

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
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Innovative partnership between Irdeto, OpenTV, Pace plc and TeleIDEA provides Digiturk with world-class broadcast capabilities

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — IBC 2009 — Irdeto (JSE: NPN), the leading expert in multimedia content and business model protection solutions and services, in conjunction with OpenTV (NASDAQ: OPTV), Pace (LSE:PIC), and TeleIDEA announced it has developed and implemented a highly complex broadcasting solution for Digiturk, a leading Turkish satellite television provider. Through the joint endeavor, Digiturk is now starting to deliver advanced digital video offerings to its customers, including push and subscription video on demand (P/S-VOD) with high-definition personal video recording (HD PVR) functionalities.

As one of the first P/S-VOD offerings to be launched in a satellite environment, this joint project brings one of the most innovative solutions to the region. Since the launch of the HD PVR service in January 2008, Digiturk has already signed on 45,000 subscribers across Turkey. The solution integrates the triple-tuner high definition PVR designed by Pace for Digiturk with Irdeto’s Conditional Access (CA) to enable Digiturk to offer new digital services to their customers and obtain high-value content from content providers. The offer is powered by OpenTV’s PVR-enabled middleware technology, OpenTV Core2™/PVR2™ and features the TeleIDEA Electronic Program Guide (EPG) feature P/S-VOD, enabling subscribers to select, download and store feature films and television shows directly onto the set-top box hard drive.

“Customers are demanding advanced media services and pioneers like Digiturk are providing the future of TV in their region. This innovative joint solution for Digiturk, integrating our highly versatile, modular and scalable Irdeto Conditional Access System with the OpenTV, Pace and TeleIDEA components is testament to that,” said David Canellos, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Irdeto. “Through continued collaborative efforts such as these, we look forward to bringing further advanced services and digital video offerings to operators and customers around the world.”

“We are committed to providing customers with cutting-edge functionality and features, as evidenced through the results of this new, innovative solution,” added Hatice Memiguven, COO of Digiturk. The technology provided by Irdeto, OpenTV, Pace and TeleIDEA proved instrumental in securing numerous additional satisfied subscribers and successfully implementing a new business model.”

“This launch was a complex project that required a collaborative effort by Irdeto, OpenTV, Pace and TeleIDEA,” said Dr. Joel Zdepski, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Middleware, OpenTV. “We are very pleased with the team effort that has enabled Digiturk to bring their solution to market successfully.”

“Together with Irdeto, Open TV and TeleIDEA we have developed an innovative platform for Digiturk to add a range of new push and subscription VOD services,” said Richard Slee, President Pace plc. “Digiturk was an early adopter of our high definition PVR technology and now through the combined contribution of the technology partners, is leading the deployment of another new revenue generating platform.”