T-Mobile Clinches Mobile TV Deal with SKY

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
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Live Premiership games, premium channels, top TV shows – all on your T-Mobile phone

  • 92 live Barclays premier league games
  • Hit shows including Lost episodes, The Dresden Files, Lovespring International, The Simpsons and 24
  • Every Premiership football goal on your mobile.

LONDON – T-Mobile today launches its revamped Mobile TV service with the addition of three Sky Mobile TV packages and 24/7 Football to provide customers with more choice than ever before. The deal sees T-Mobile add live Barclays Premier League football, live premium news, a music package and a range of entertainment channels to its existing portfolio of entertainment, sports and news content. The agreement also brings 24/7 Football from Sky Sports, The Sun and The News of World to T-Mobile customers providing Premiership goals and UEFA Champions League highlight clips for download.

Sky MobileTV

T-Mobile will offer a choice of three fantastic Sky live Mobile TV packs for customers with a 3G handset. ‘News & Sport’, ‘Entertainment’, and ‘Music’ packages offer T-Mobile customers the chance to keep up with the latest news, music videos and must-have TV shows from a great choice of channels including Sky One, Sky Sports News, CNN, MTV, Sky Sports 1,2 ,3 , The Box and Paramount Pictures’ Paramount Comedy. Sky Packs are priced at £5 per month.

24/7 Football

A must for football fans, T-Mobile customers with 2G or 3G handsets can download video clips of every Premiership goal to their phone whenever they want them. Content includes in-game clips, highlight clips, previews and round ups. The first month of unlimited viewing is free after which, it costs as little as 50p per clip or £5 per month for unlimited clips.

The overall T-Mobile Mobile TV service provides customers with a mix of live streamed content and video on demand clips tailored to every taste and at a variety of price points for both 2G and 3G customers.

T-Mobile TV and Video on Demand

Since the launch of its free trial service in April, T-Mobile has given customers a mix of both live and made for mobile entertainment, news and sport content across its nine channels including ITN News, Paramount Comedy, Big Brother, Nickelodeon and Euro Sport. The service is available to T-Mobile 3G handset customers for £3.50 per month or as an industry first at £1 per 24 hours.

In July T-Mobile also launched a Video on Demand service via its pioneering open Internet service, web ‘n’ walk, and the T-Zones WAP portal. The service provides 3G customers with premium streamed video clips of popular content such as Big Brother highlights, comedy, extreme sports, animation and horror shows accessible via a new service called ‘My Video Library’.

Viewers have total control of the action with the ability to start, stop and pause clips, as well as select chapters and resume the action from previous viewings. The clips lasting up to one hour in length and costing from between 50p and £1.50 each can be accessed for up to a seven-day period in my ‘Video Library’. Web’n’walk customers, who already enjoy full Internet access for £7.50 per month, can gain unlimited access to this service without incurring any additional data charges. T-Zones customers pay a maximum of £1 each time they use the service.

Damien Byrne, T-Mobile’s Head of Entertainment, said: “The web has transformed the way we watch video, and this is fuelling an increasing interest in Mobile TV. The timing of the Sky deal couldn’t be better as it combines with our mobile TV offering to create an awesome package with more choice than ever before.”