Slovak Telekom starts Magio TV DTH trial

Friday, October 16th, 2009

T-Com started first tests of Magio TV satellite broadcasting

Slovak Telekom (T-Com), part of the Deutsche Telekom Group (Frankfurt: DTE, NYSE: DT), has started first tests of satellite broadcasting which will bring great expansion of Magio TV availability across the whole country. The first phase of tests will focus on technology availability, response and the quality of satellite signal.

Thanks to the satellite transmission, advantages of digital television Magio will be also available to viewers who were until now wholly dependent on lesser quality of terrestrial or other analogue reception. The first phase will include tests which will be carried out solely in test laboratories of T-Com, where technical parameters of connection with satellite, functionality of EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), teletext and Slovak sound tracks will be measured. The platform uses AMOS 3 satellite from company Spacecom positioned at 4 degrees West.

Thanks to this step T-Com is becoming the first Slovak multimedia operator, which will offer interactive digital television via both fixed (metallic and optic) and satellite technology. Integrated access network will allow the company to better react to customers’ demands and together with project Internet to remote villages it will bring multimedia services to localities, where they were not available until now. The project is prepared in cooperation with Magyar Telekom and it is an excellent example of synergy within the Deutsche Telekom Group.

As Senior Executive Vice-President for Sales, Marketing and Technologies Ruediger J. Schulz said: “The importance of this step can be compared to the launch of Magio in Slovakia in 2007; since then Magio TV has become the synonym for modern digital television. In a short time all residents of Slovakia will be able to familiarize themselves with the advantages of Magio. For us it means a significant extension of coverage and a possibility to satisfy a much larger number of customers with our services.”

Transmission is DVB-S2 with Conax conditional access.