TEO offers PVR to Digital GALA TV customers

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
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Digital GALA customers will have the possibility to manage TV content and watch high-definition television (HDTV) channels

Customers of the Digital GALA TV service provided by TEO LT, AB (Vilnius:TEO1L), the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Lithuania, will have the possibility to record all desired TV programs or films and watch them at convenient times. This will be enabled by the use of new “smart” set-top boxes.

In addition, the service users living in Vilnius and its vicinities will be able to watch the following three high-definition television (HDTV) channels, which especially popular in the world – Eurosport HD, Discovery HD and National Geographic Channel HD. Those who want to watch them will have to purchase new Digital GALA set-top boxes.

According to Nerijus Ivanauskas, Chief Marketing Officer of TEO, 25 per cent of households in Lithuania already have TV sets with HD functions and their number is growing annually by about one-fifth. “High-definition TV channels will be available for watching to our customers living in Vilnius and approximately 50 kilometres around the city”, – he said.

According to the data of the surveys conducted by TNS Gallup, two-thirds of the country’s residents would gladly use the possibilities to record TV programs and watch them at desired times. “The new set-top boxes, providing the freedom to manage time and not miss a favourite movie or sports event, are intended namely for them”, – N. Ivanauskas said.

The new Digital GALA set-top boxes have hard disk drives of 160 GB storage capacity, which, with a click of a few buttons, allow recording desired TV programs, films or sports events. Later, the video record can be viewed by playbacking interesting moments, fast-forwarding or stopping the video image. The disk holds 170 hours of recording time – it allows uninterrupted recording of desired TV programs for one week.

After the memory is filled, it is possible to delete already viewed video records and free space for new ones. Customers who have such set-top boxes at home will not need to by expensive additional video recording devices. New set-top boxes also have USB ports, so by connecting an USB flash drive or a portable hard disk drive it is possible to view all the information stored on it – videos, photos or music.

More than 40 thousand of the country’s residents have already become users of the digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) service Digital GALA, provided by TEO. All over Lithuania, they can watch almost 40 channels in Lithuanian, English, Russian and other languages. The Company also provides Internet technologies-based (IPTV) digital television Interactive GALA services. More than 50 thousand of its customers also have the possibility to watch high-definition television (HDTV) channels, use the Virtual Video-On-Demand service, games on their TV screens, or sing Karaoke.