TEO launches 'Interneto.tv' in Lithuania

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
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TEO has created new generation online TV for smart devices

TEO LT, AB, the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and television services in Lithuania, has created new generation internet TV service for smart devices – “Interneto.tv”. This service marks a new stage in the development of television: from now on it will be possible to watch TV on a PC, smartphone or tablet PC anywhere in Lithuania where Internet connection is available – even in a town square or outdoors. The new service for TEO customers will be offered by TEO in November.

TEO customers will be able to watch TV when using the services of any internet provider, also via mobile network. Upon logging in to their user accounts at www.interneto.tv, users of the new online TV service are offered about 20 channels and their records – TV shows are available for three days after their broadcast. The channel list will be continuously supplemented, and the beginning of next year “Interneto.tv” users will also be offered the Video-On-Demand (VOD) service.

More than 100 thousand families using the “Interaktyvioji GALA” (Interactive GALA) IPTV services will be the first to try out the advantages of the online television service for free.

“Every other user uses a laptop computer, and every third user – a smart mobile phone. It shows that mobile new generation internet TV will be useful new service for a wide circle of customers: even for thos, who claim that they are not watching TV. When introducing internet TV to our customers, we deliver the best-developed smart TV services, which allow users to conveniently access their favourite TV programs without having to adjust to a TV programme schedule or a place where a TV is available”, – Nerijus Ivanauskas, Chief Marketing Officer of TEO, said.

The research conducted by SIC for TEO has revealed that more and more people watch videos and TV directly over the Internet: this year the number of respondents watching videos and films directly over the Internet was by 33 per cent higher than last year, while the number of those watching TV shows over the Internet increased by 66 per cent compared to 2012.

According to Arūnas Kemežys, Managing Director of communications planning agency Open Agency, the transition of TV programs to the Internet space will only increase the number of TV viewers, which will be beneficial to TV channels as well.

“The transition of TV to the Internet leads to the new possibilities both TV companies and their audiences: Viewers can more access their favourite TV content at convenient time and convenient way, which, in turn brings them back to the TV content. TV companies will not ony have the opportunity to reach at the audiences, which were not available for them before, but also to encourage interactive, not passive use of media”, – A. Kemežys said.

Currently, www.interneto.tv will be available to “Interaktyvioji GALA” (Interactive GALA) users who subscribe to this service online through the online self-service website Mano TEO (My TEO).