No New Wires Required For VeHDa/PlayTV Set-Top Box Roll Out

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

UK HD specialist, VeHDa, utilises HomePlug technology from USA-based Intellon, for major PlayTV set-top box roll out

UK-based, high-definition specialist, VeHDa, is utilising the HomePlug®-based integrated circuits (ICs) from Intellon Corporation, a major US-based provider of powerline communication ICs for home networking and networked entertainment, to compliment its PlayTV-partnered 500,000 IP set-top box roll out.

HomePlug® technology enables the delivery of local area network (LAN) signals through existing home powerline (home wiring); creating a home network for distributing data and content, thus alleviating the need for re-wiring, or for new cabling to be installed. In particular, this technology is well suited for IPTV applications, as the internet connection may not be in close proximity to the television set/s on which the customer wishes to view the IPTV stream. Intellon’s HomePlug®-based ICs are designed to provide the necessary bandwidth to support either standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) applications, such as IPTV, with optimum quality of service delivery.

Cameron McCaskill, vice president of business for Intellon, says: “I believe that Intellon’s fast, simple, secure and reliable whole-house networking solution will definitely benefit the VeHDa/Play TV installations. Our HomePlug®-based ICs are being selected globally by manufacturers and service providers to meet the technical challenges of the whole-house service deployment and media distribution using our No New Wires® technology.”

The VeHDa/PlayTV installation engineers will be offering the HomePlug technology to customers as an ‘add on’ to the service. The roll out will begin in September 2007 and 100,000 IP set-top boxes will be directly installed into customer’s homes by Christmas 2007.

James Thompson, director of operations for VeHDa, says; “With such a high roll out of the set-top boxes this side of Christmas, installing an ethernet connection between the customer’s router, which is often located within the proximity of the PC in a spare bedroom, and through to the VeHDa set-top box, could have caused a logistical problem. However, HomePlug®-compatible products offer the perfect answer for customers and engineers alike; saving on both installation time and the possible need for extra, unwanted cabling. Intellon’s technology could not have come at a better time for us.”

The HD VeHDa set-top boxes are programmed with middleware from Global Digital Broadcast (GDB) and will be pre-programmed with over 700 channels from 84 countries; including channels from the GDB IPTV network, PlayTV content and terrestrial freeview.

Jim Deans, managing director of GDB, says; “It is always great to see technology providing an answer just when we need it. We have tested products containing Intellon ICs in our own homes and not only do they work brilliantly, but they provide a quick solution to installing a second IPTV set-top box. Intellon’s HomePlug®-based products will enable the moving of your IPTV set-top box around the home and I see this as a huge benefit, in a cost-conscious world, where families want to share their entertainment. I would like to congratulate the GDB team, led by David Wray, who put this co-op agreement together.”