Cavium Networks Processors Enable Next Generation Connected Home Devices at CES

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

LAS VEGAS — Cavium Networks (NASDAQ:CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for video, connected home, networking and storage applications, will show case its PureVu Video Processors and ECONA ARM processors for the digitally connected home and office. Cavium’s PureVu video processors are used in wireless and wired real-time full HD 1080p60 video distribution, interactive video conferencing and digital signage. Cavium’s ECONA dual core ARM processors are used in connected home and office applications such as FTTX broadband gateways, WiFi access points, Network Attached Storage NAS devices, print servers, networked webcams, USB storage dongles, and Internet multimedia streaming devices.

Cavium will be demonstrating a complete connected home solution for whole home wireless video distribution entirely based on the PureVu and ECONA lines, consisting of wireless access points, network attached storage devices, notebook PCs and TVs. Below are Industry leading, ready-to-use product demonstrations that will be on display in Cavium’s Suite #2866 at the Las Vegas Hilton during CES from Jan 7 to Jan 10, 2010. Demonstrations can be viewed during Cavium’s open house hours on Friday Jan 8, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm. To schedule a private meeting during CES 2010 between Jan 7 – Jan 10, 2010 please contact Cavium via email at [email protected]

Key Cavium Demonstrations at CES 2010:

Wireless HD TV using standard WiFi 802.11n: Cavium’s PureVu video processors enable wireless transmission of full-HD 1080p60 video between gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players and other CE devices to HD TV displays in real-time. PureVu video processors consist of a variety of stand-alone and co-processor models offering a range of capabilities including industry’s lowest compression latency for full HD 1080p60 H.264 encode and decode, integrated HDCP 2.0 security, graphics engine, gigabit networking, quality of service hardware, and dual-core ARM11 processors with a power consumption profile suitable for portable CE devices. The demonstration will show support for multi-room transmission, network sharing and gaming grade end-to-end latency.

Wireless Laptop Displays using WiFi: Using Cavium’s PureVu video processors consumers and business professionals can cut the wire between laptops, desktops and external displays, monitors and projectors. PureVu processors will utilize the existing WiFi chipset in PCs to transmit real-time computer displays, 3D graphics, and video to any TV display, monitor or projector. Cavium’s video processors are designed to handle text and graphics with equally high quality as movie content, making the PureVu family an ideal solution for computing platforms.

HD Video Conferencing: Cavium’s PureVu Video processor family provides the highest quality video conferencing solution with the lowest BOM cost to enable the next generation of consumer and small business video conferencing. PureVu offers super-low latency SLL™ 1080p60 encode and decode technology, integrated multiple video ports, dual-core ARM11 processors, IPsec security, graphics engine and gigabit Ethernet networking in a single chip with extremely low power.

FTXX Home Broadband Gateway: Cavium’s ECONA dual-core ARM11 processors provide intelligent networking, security and support for advanced services at gigabit rates for Fiber-to-the-Home broadband gateways. ECONA processors support the latest content inspection applications and dual-band, high performance 802.11n radios. Advanced services include integrated internal QoS enabled gigabit switch and LCD for in-built diagnostics.

Home Network Attached Storage: Cavium’s ECONA processors offer over 50MBps of network attached storage performance with integrated gigabit Ethernet, SATA controllers, RAID offload, integrated LCD controller for native configuration and two high performance ARM11 cores in under 2W of power.

Wireless Access Points: ECONA ARM processors support over 300Mbps of multi-radio WiFi 802.11n performance for small business, and enterprise secure access points. ECONA integrates 2x PCIe controllers, 3x gigabit Ethernet ports, internal QoS enabled gigabit switch, 2 USB controllers and dual-core ARM11 cores running at up to 600MHz.

Commercial Grade Embedded Linux Software: Cavium Networks solutions are available with a feature-rich, and highly optimized software development kit (SDK) and ready-to-use applications for storage, networking, broadband routers, video conferencing and wireless video distribution with Windows7 drivers. Cavium’s processors solutions are supported by commercial grade embedded Linux operating system and productivity tools from MontaVista Software.