Marseille Networks Video Co-Processors to Provide Fast Ramp to Quad-HD

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

SANTA CLARA, Calif. & LAS VEGAS — 2010 marks the year Quad-HD becomes a reality, as Marseille Networks today at 2010 CES introduced its new video co-processor family allowing CE OEMs to quickly upgrade their existing flat panel TV, PC and A/V receiver designs from 1080p to 2160p (four times the resolution of Full-HD) at a record pace.

Quad-HD with four times more pixels represents a huge leap in content rendition quality and an overall visually stunning, more immersive experience, yet the challenge CE manufacturers face is the ability to add this advanced functionality in a timely manner and at competitive consumer prices.

“At Marseille, we have developed a new virtual tape-out technology, which has allowed us to test our processor’s design at a system level, thereby ensuring device compatibility and high quality visual performance prior to chip manufacturing,” said Amine Chabane, CEO of Marseille. “By using virtual tape-out to design our video co-processors, we’ve allowed manufacturers to see how their product will perform in a real world scenario, and rapidly implement a new design with minimal risk.”

The first of the company’s processors, the Marseille Video Through Virtualization™ VTV- 1200 product family with 4xHD™ technology meets the performance, power and compatibility requirements for next generation Quad-HD enabled devices. The 4xHD technology blends two quad high definition streams to overlay high quality graphics over native Quad-HD video content. It also features motion-adaptive per pixel noise reduction for visual quality and proprietary scaler technology that up-scales standard and high definition content to Quad-HD 2160p resolution.

VTV 1210 for Quad-HD TV

The VTV-1210 is targeted at ultra-high definition digital TVs, digital projectors and external video processors. Consumers who were quick to adopt HD technology will even further appreciate the immersive, cinematic theatre experience with Quad-HD, which is four times the video resolution of the current High Definition (HD) 1080p standard. This super high resolution brings crisp, life-like quality to the images on the big screen.

VTV 1220 for Audio Video Receivers

The VTV-1220 is targeted for the ultra-high definition A/V receiver market. The next generation of digital A/V receivers will act as a bridge of compatibility between existing HD equipment and Quad-HD devices by supporting HDMI 1.4 and providing up-scaling of legacy 1080p HD content to deliver crisp, stunning images in Quad-HD format.

VTV 1230 for PCs and All-in-One PCs

The VTV 1230 is specifically designed for the ultra high definition PC platform and all-in-one PCs, where high bandwidth input and Quad-HD performance is required. Leveraging the existing PC platform, the VTV 1230 provides HDMI connectivity for cable and satellite boxes and game consoles and also supports Quad-HD (1440p) and WQXGA. The VTV1230 provides a flexible solution that is graphic-chip vendor agnostic to support wide spread adoption and take the guess work out of product configuration.

Quad-HD on the PC is ideal for providing crisp, clear images for viewing photos, playing games, watching TV on the PC and more. For instance, while today’s still images are often taken with cameras of 6, 8 or more Megapixels, HD resolution PCs can only display the image in 2 Megapixel format limiting image quality and sharpness. By enabling a screen to display Quad-HD resolution, users can view the image with complete detail all while remaining close to the screen.

Marseille will be showcasing virtual prototypes of the products at CES in a private meeting room in the Upper South Hall 4, #35687MP. To schedule a private demonstration or to obtain pricing and availability information, email