Pace debuts second-generation BT Vision set-top box

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Pace plc logo

Energy-efficient hybrid PVR unveiled

Pace plc (LSE:PIC), the leading developer of digital TV technologies for the payTV industry, today announced that its second-generation set-top box for the BT Vision IPTV service is now available for BT (LSE:BT.A)(NYSE:BT) customers. The sleek black device, named Vision+, is the latest example of Pace’s pioneering hybrid products which enable payTV operators to deliver a wealth of content over both broadcast and broadband.

The advanced, high definition (HD)-capable hybrid personal video recorder (PVR) is designed to use minimal energy in all modes and meet the EU’s directive for power consumption. It was developed in line with Pace’s industry-leading low environmental impact (LEI) initiative, part of an ongoing ‘Design for the Environment’ framework being adopted across the entire range of new Pace products.

Vision+ allows BT Vision customers to access up to 40 Freeview TV channels through the TV aerial, and a huge library of films, TV shows, music videos and sport over broadband when connected to the Home Hub. BT Vision also offers up to 30 different radio stations and a range of interactive applications, and the 160GB hard drive allows recording of around 80 hours of content.

Pace has long been at the forefront of creating and successfully delivering both hybrid and HD technologies. BT began collaborating with Pace on the delivery of a technologically advanced hybrid box several years ago and shipped the first boxes in January 2007.

“Our advanced hybrid devices, such as the Vision+ which combines Freeview, live payTV broadcasting and on-demand HD content over IP, demonstrate clearly how the set-top box is solidifying its place at the heart of entertainment convergence in the home,” commented Mathias Hautefort, President of Pace France.

“Pace is leading the rest of the industry in developing the technology which enables payTV operators to monetise compelling, accessible and innovative services to their customers. As the way we access, consume and share content develops, we will continue to push the boundaries to deliver the best possible entertainment user experience.”

Marc Watson, BT Vision’s CEO said, “We’re constantly trying to better the BT Vision service and have worked closely with Pace to develop attractive and advanced products that meet our customers needs. Pace has consistently been able to meet these and many other difficult technological hurdles inherent in providing linear digital TV and on-demand IPTV content to our viewers. We look forward to our continued relationship with Pace as we continue to develop ever more innovative set-top boxes as our service grows.”

The new Vision+ box is free when consumers buy BT Vision online until 15th January 2010 with any value pack.