Multi Carrier Mauritius selects Net Insight platform for Digital Terrestrial TV

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Net Insight has been selected by Multi Carrier Mauritius Ltd for the supply of its multi-service provisioning platform for the distribution of Digital Terrestrial TV in Mauritius

Stockholm, Sweden – Net Insight has received an order from MCML for the supply of multi-service provisioning platform (MSPP) equipment for building the national Digital Terrestrial TV network (DTT) in Mauritius.

Multi Carrier Mauritius Ltd (MCML), a government owned company holds exclusive transmission rights for terrestrial television in the Republic of Mauritius. Since September 2005, MCML is responsible for the transmission of Digital Terrestrial TV for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation through an island-wide coverage.

The initial network for this project will consist of 14 Nimbra nodes with a potential of expanding the network for future services such as Mobile TV and Wimax. The equipment will be delivered in the third quarter 2007.

“In the evaluation of the competing tenders, Net Insight stood out as the clear winner, meeting all our requirements. We are looking forward to working with Net Insight as a close partner for the development of our national infrastructure hence providing value added services to the Mauritian public at large”, says Mr. Newraj Burton, CEO of MCML.

“We are pleased to be selected by MCML. This once again proves that we can win DTT and mobile TV networks worldwide”, says Fredrik Trägårdh, CEO of Net Insight. “Our Nimbra platform has proven to be a very efficient and reliable solution for DTT networks and our customer repeatedly confirms that we offer the strongest solution”.

The Nimbra platform is a versatile transport solution but has also several unique features for DTT networks such as Time Transfer for GPS-free time synchronization. In addition, Nimbra offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for delivering advanced multimedia services in Broadcast and Media networks and for IPTV/CATV distribution. TV operators deploying Digital Terrestrial TV based on the Nimbra platform not only get a DTT network but a multi-service transport infrastructure that opens up new business opportunities.

Links: Net Insight; Multi Carrier Mauritius Ltd (MCML)