Norkring Slovenia announces DVB-T Mux B roll-out plan

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 

LJUBLJANA — Norkring d.o.o is the Slovenian subsidiary of Norkring International AS. Norkring d.o.o., which holds the licence to operate the Multiplex B for digital terrestrial broadcasting, announced the plans for the launch of the multiplex for the distribution of commercial broadcasters in Slovenia today. The company has agreed with six broadcasters that will be available on the Multiplex B with their content. “This is a great step forward for the digitalisation process in Slovenia”, Mr Christian Skottun, CEO of Norkring d.o.o said.

The commercial start of operation will be September 1st 2010, which is in due time before the analogue shut off (ASO) for Slovenia which is decided by the authorities to be December 1st 2010. The coverage for Multiplex B will reach more than 85% of the households in Slovenia before the analogue shut off takes place. The Multiplex B will carry the programs for the commercial broadcasters, and Multiplex A will continue to carry the programmes of RTV Slovenia.

“This is a great step forward for the digitalisation process in Slovenia” said Christian Skottun and continued “There has been several obstacles to overcome in the past year, but we are now very pleased to proceed with full speed, and to continue the good cooperation we have managed to establish with all stakeholders”.

“We are pleased to have entered into agreements with broadcasters that both are established and newcomers to the Slovenian market. The Multiplex B will give exciting content to the public, making the digital terrestrial platform more diverse and attractive for the population”, Mr Trond Hagen, Commercial Director in Norkring International stated.

Norkring d.o.o. is a subsidiary of Norwegian based company Norkring International. The Norkring Group is a leading provider of broadcasting services, operating more than 7000 transmitters in Norway and Belgium. The company holds licences and infrastructure for both networks, as well as qualified competence and experience to plan, build and operate terrestrial networks.