EBU TECHNICAL sets up 3DTV Study Group

Monday, February 15th, 2010
EBU Technical logo

The EBU Technical Committee, which met last week at the premises of the ZDF, approved the formation of an EBU Study Group on 3DTV. The general aim of the group will be to allow EBU Members with an interest in 3DTV to find a focal point for information and experience exchange. In addition, common user requirements will be formulated, relevant to each part of the media value chain (production, distribution, and consumer), and communicated to the technical standards bodies such as DVB, ITU and SMPTE. It is assumed that the 3DTV Study Group will have its first meeting in March 2010.

Research too

EBU TECHNICAL is itself also involved in two EU funded projects – MUSCADE and 3D-VIVANT. MUSCADE is targeting the use of multi-camera 3D and signal distribution to the home for various types of 3D display devices. 3D-VIVANT will researches so-called ‘holoscopic’ camera and display systems. Taken together, the 3DTV Study Group, and the two EU projects will ensure that EBU TECHNICAL can adequately represent the EBU Members’ requirements at the forefront on 3D technology developments.