NDS Demonstrates Commitment to China with Solutions for NGB and Three Network Convergence

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
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  • NDS will showcase a range of secure, revenue-generating, digital-TV solutions that support China’s Next Generation Broadcast (NGB) and Three Network Convergence initiatives
  • NDS unveils plans to triple its investment in its Shenzhen R&D centre over the next year
  • Leading-edge customer deployments from around the world will be featured on the NDS stand, including: DOXTV (China), CANAL+ (France) and Hathway (India)

BEIJING — CCBN 2010, Stand 2401, International Hall 2 — NDS Group, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital-TV, today announced its line-up of solutions and applications for CCBN 2010. Emphasising its commitment to the expanding China market, NDS will showcase a range of enabling technologies for digital-TV service providers looking to generate additional revenues from the government’s NGB and Three Network Convergence initiatives.

NDS plans to triple its investment in local people and infrastructure over the next 12 months as it increases development of solutions and services for customers in China and the rest of the world. With a number of customers already involved in the NGB initiative, NDS is well placed to help local operators take advantage of these new opportunities with its dedicated R&D centre in Shenzhen, China, supported by the company’s significant global resources and expertise.

NDS delivers on the promise of Three Network Convergence by providing an end-to-end solution for securing and enabling content viewing across multiple platforms, on a mix of devices including TVs, PCs, personal media players and other mobile devices – a demonstration of which can be seen on the NDS stand at CCBN 2010.

“In light of the government’s NGB and Three Network Convergence initiatives, local broadcasters and operators are looking for innovative ways to monetise their investment going forward. With its major presence in China and local market expertise, NDS is the ideal technology partner to help operators benefit from the increased opportunities for improving the viewer experience and generating new revenues that these initiatives will present,” said Sue Taylor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NDS Asia Pacific.

“We believe that Chinese digital-TV technology will have a major impact on the global pay-TV market as other countries start to seek out Chinese knowledge, experience and products. We already have significant resources in China, and accelerating our investment allows us to rapidly increase our support for the dynamic and growing Chinese digital-TV market,” added Taylor.

At CCBN 2010, NDS will highlight a number of leading customer deployments from around the world, including:

  • DOXTV end-to-end solution (China)

    DOXTV is using NDS VideoGuard® conditional access, and MediaHighway® set-top box software, as well as NDS XTV™ digital video recorder (DVR) technology with push video on demand (VOD) capability, to offer a full range of high-quality programming and technology to digital TV subscribers. DOXTV also worked with NDS to co-design an easy-to-use interactive electronic programme guide (EPG).

  • Hathway DVR (India)

    The Hathway DVR service, powered by NDS XTV™ DVR technology, gives subscribers the ability to record one channel while viewing another one. Subscribers can pause, record, play back, rewind and fast forward content for viewing when they choose. With NDS XTV, Hathway delivers a compelling variety of content and on-demand television to viewers.

  • CANAL+ DVR Lite (France)

    CANAL+ has deployed NDS DVR Lite; revolutionary technology that converts set-top boxes (STB) into DVRs with the addition of an approved external hard drive. This solution reduces the hardware cost for the consumer and enables them to benefit from the ability to record, playback, fast-forward and rewind programmes.

Also on display on the NDS stand will be the following solutions for NGB and Three Network Convergence:

  • New Concept User Interface (OONA)

    OONA is an intuitive and integrated user interface that introduces contextual applications and social interaction on the TV.

  • NDS Master UI (User Interface)

    NDS Master UI makes convergence simpler by providing the same look and feel on any device, including TVs, PCs, portable media players and mobile devices. The simple design means that it is adaptable to any size screen and various types of content.

  • 3DTV

    NDS is addressing the issues behind 3D TV, such as the display of the EPG and subtitling, with proposed solutions that not only look great but address the real challenges of having a 3DTV in the home.

  • Infinite TV™

    Infinite TV allows operators to deliver streamed and downloadable content to a wide range of devices over the internet. Infinite TV can run on any internet-connected device including PCs, hybrid STBs, digital TV sets, PMPs and smart-phones and enables advanced forms of advertising – both targeted and in new formats such as on-pause and banner advertising.

  • NDS Snowflake™

    NDS Snowflake is an innovative user interface with a smart and easy navigation system based on overlay display techniques, controlled with a remote with just six keys. It also allows operators to integrate social networking features and add branded spaces or widgets.

  • EPG Framework™

    NDS EPG Framework allows operators to update and customise their EPGs without having to download software to the STB. Operators can create new revenue streams by incorporating promotions, ads, sponsorships and by targeting audiences with personalised messages and content.

  • Mobile Phone Remote Control Demo

    This NDS application transforms the mobile phone into a STB remote control. Wherever consumers are, as long as they have a wi-fi connection, the phone can be used to control live viewing and manage recordings on their DVR.