Widevine 4.4.4 Brings New Over-the-Top and TV Everywhere Features, Customers and Devices

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
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Widevine’s Expanded Platform Enables OTT Services From Best Buy, Blockbuster, Netflix and Roxio CinemaNow on a Wide Range of Retail Consumer Electronics

SEATTLE, WA — Widevine, a provider of digital entertainment solutions, today announced the commercial availability of version 4.4.4 of its video optimization and digital rights management (DRM) platform for over-the-top and TV Everywhere services delivered to retail consumer electronics. Features included in this newest release are:

  • Support for live HTTP streaming, file downloads, progressive downloads and P2P distribution
  • HTTP adaptive streaming for smooth playback of content, even with fluctuating bandwidth
  • Trick play and chaptering for a virtual DVD experience
  • Multiplatform DRM to keep content secure, regardless of the device it is delivered to
  • Support for multichannel audio

Blockbuster is one customer utilizing Widevine’s video optimization and DRM. “We are very pleased with the cinematic experience Widevine’s video optimization tools provide our customers,” said Bruce Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® Group. “In addition, Widevine’s pervasive inclusion in consumer electronics ensures our customers will be able to view content on the device of their choice.”

Version 4.4.4 increases Widevine’s exceptional list of supported retail devices. This list includes:

  • Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Haier Blu-ray players
  • LG Electronics TVs, Blu-ray players and Home Theater Systems
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Philips Blu-ray players
  • Samsung Blu-ray players and TVs
  • Toshiba Blu-ray players
  • Windows PC platforms
  • Over 50 models of STBs from all major brands

Netflix is another customer who recently licensed Widevine DRM. “We are committed to giving our members a wide range of options by enabling them to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and movies on many Netflix Ready devices,” said Bill Holmes, Netflix vice president of business development.

“These various content service providers and device manufacturers continue to launch cutting edge services to remain at the forefront of home entertainment and Widevine is pleased to be part of these endeavors,” said Brian Baker, Widevine CEO. “With its video optimization technologies and studio-approved DRM, Widevine can enable these services effectively and at a low cost.”

Widevine also continues to work with industry partners, such as Sonic’s Roxio CinemaNow service, to ensure that service providers have a wide variety of options when deploying over-the-top services using the Widevine platform. Sonic Solutions president and CEO, Dave Habiger, commented that: “[Sonic’s] collaboration with Widevine helps further our vision to allow consumers to access digital Hollywood content anytime, anywhere. Widevine’s adaptive streaming, interactive DVD/ Blu-ray features and DRM ensure content remains secure on any device consumers are using, while maintaining the highest quality digital entertainment experience.”

The Widevine platform is deployed by major Internet content services and large cable, satellite and telecommunication companies launching over-the-top and “TV Everywhere” strategies. The company’s software platform optimizes the entertainment experience for content delivered over any network to any device. The solution is natively supported in nearly all major brands and types of network connected consumer electronics including televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile devices, gaming systems and more.