Albis Technologies Closes Set-top Box Deal with 022 Télégenève SA - naxoo

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
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SceneGate enables new advanced services for 022 Télégenève SA – naxoo

ZURICH, Switzerland – Albis Technologies, a leading technology company today announced that it has signed a deal to supply its new SceneGate set-top box to 022 Télégenève SA – naxoo.

Albis Technologies’ advanced SceneGate set-top box enables its newest customer, 022 Télégenève SA – naxoo, to deliver innovative services to its customers. The new hybrid (IP/DVB-C) and multimedia SceneGate set-top box will allow naxoo to bring full modularity to market with features such as an external hard drive for PVR, multi-rooming capabilities with UPnP network connection and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle for wireless functionalities. In addition, with 3D capabilities and high quality HD the ScenGate set-top box is one of the most advanced available today.

“We are excited that naxoo has selected Albis Technologies and we are confident our Swiss partnership will be successful in delivering innovative high quality products to our domestic market” said Salvatore Di Pietro, CEO at Albis Technologies. “We are very pleased to start this new project and look forward to working closely with Télégenève – naxoo to ensure their success with their new service offerings”.

Albis Technologies has integrated technology from Zappware, its software partner, into the SceneGate set-top box providing enhanced functionality through the iView Flux solution.

“We have been working with Télégenève – naxoo for several years and we are pleased to be able to continue our services to naxoo; this time with the deployment of our interactive applications on an advanced set-top box from Albis Technologies” said Patrick Vos, CEO Zappware. “It is also a key deal for us as it includes our media player service, which is essential in our strategy to evolve the operator’s set-top box into a generic media gateway for offering a full range of media assets, from a broad range of content sources and providers.”

“Now comes the time to bring together entertainment and TV broadcast; as part of the living room, our new set-top box will be fully adapted to the digital multimedia experience. Thanks to our new
partnership with Albis, we will place the new naxoo services at the centre of the family” said Phong Pham, CTO at Télégenève – naxoo.