Libyana Mobile Phone's DVB-H trial set by ENENSYS

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Libyana Mobile Phone, largest telecom operator in Libya, launches a DVB-H trial relying on ENENSYS Technologies end to end DVB-H network solution.

Libyana Mobile Phone operator jumps on the DVB-H technology with ENENSYS Technologies’ complete system for Mobile TV broadcast.

The largest Libyan telecom operator Libyana Mobile Phone (LMP) started a DVB-H trial in Tripoli and selected ENENSYS Technologies’ solution for the complete transmission system. DVB-H architecture provided by ENENSYS includes DVB-H Head End, multiplex distribution, transmission means as well as DVB-H live analysis solution.

Mohamed Ben Ayad , CTO & General Projects Manager at Libyana Mobile Phone, said: “Libyana Mobile Phone is leading the African operators to future technology and services in the telecom sector: that’s our company vision and mission”.

Hassan Al Sharief , DVB-H Project Manager at Libyana Mobile Phone, said: “Our DVB-H trial is running really well, and we are fully satisfied by ENENSYS services in terms of DVB-H expertise and commitment in the project. DVB-H network was designed, dimensioned and delivered upon requested time and budget. Such a trial in Tripoli and suburbs enables us to collect data about user experience, network coverage issues, and have confidence in our forthcoming network expansion plans.”

Moulay El Aatifi, Area Manager at ENENSYS, said: “ENENSYS delivered Libyana Mobile Phone with a full DVB-H system, with content aggregation, DVB-H Head End, distribution from Head-End to transmitters over customer’s IP network, and DVB-H transmission.

Libyana Mobile Phone also got the state of the art in DVB-H test and monitoring systems, and took benefit from our leadership in DVB-H technology to deterministically take the most out of their DVB-H trial network.”

Moulay added: “ENENSYS already has prestigious references in the area in terms of DVB-H system delivery and it was our pleasure to work with Libyana Mobile Phone on that ambitious project.”