Discretix Multi-Scheme DRM Supports Microsoft PlayReady, to Enable Premium Content on Connected Devices

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
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Discretix Support for PlayReady Ensures Seamless Deployment of Music, Video, and HD TV on Broad Range of Devices Running Android, MeeGo, Linux and other OSs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Discretix, the leading global provider of embedded security solutions, announced today that its Multi-Scheme DRM Client, one of the industry’s best-known and widely deployed Digital Rights Management (DRM) device products, is supporting Microsoft PlayReady® content access and protection technology. Suitable for use with a wide range of operating systems including Windows Phone, Windows Embedded, Android, MeeGo, Symbian and Linux, the DRM client enables the business models necessary for secure distribution and use of premium digital content on the new category of connected eBook readers, set-top boxes, smartphones, TVs, portable multimedia devices and more.

Discretix’ Multi-Scheme DRM Client, through its highly optimized performance, flexible architecture and support for a broad range of operating systems, is able to assure maximum flexibility on these new connected devices. Its efficient implementation and minimal code size conserves device resources and the unified APIs to the application and security layers ensure a rapid time to market for device manufacturers. Additional security components provided by the client include a secure clock and secure certificate handling, in full compliance with the Compliance Rules and Robustness Rules for Microsoft PlayReady. The Multi-Scheme DRM client has also been ported to a wide variety of hardware platforms, operating systems and application frameworks.

PlayReady content access technology is specifically optimized with the requirements of three-screen entertainment services in mind. The technology allows a wide range of business models to be applied to virtually any type of digital content including music, video, ringtones, images, games and more. PlayReady enables service operators and device manufacturers to offer purchase, subscription, rental, pay-per-view, preview, or super-distribution models.

“Discretix has extensive experience in implementing DRM on numerous connected devices, and we are pleased they are bringing the benefits of PlayReady support to the Multi-Scheme DRM Client,” said Garrett Glanz, Senior Director, Media Platforms Business for Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) “PlayReady’s support for multiple content types and business models, coupled with experienced partners such as Discretix, opens up new and exciting opportunities for service providers and OEMs alike.”

“A new range of connected device types is having significant impact on mobile, in-home, and in-vehicle entertainment. Driving all this innovation is the desire, by businesses and consumers alike, for richer, more diverse forms of media consumption,” said Edo Ganot, Executive Vice President, Business Development for Discretix. “We believe that Microsoft’s PlayReady content access and protection technology will be a prime enabler of this new era in media distribution–a technology that our Multi-Scheme DRM Client has already proven.”