3D for Entertain: Deutsche Telekom conquers the third dimension

Friday, September 3rd, 2010 
Deutsche Telekom logo

  • 3D content on demand for all Entertain customers
  • “Clash of the Titans” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” – blockbusters in 3D from Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Television
  • Every media receiver 3D-compatible – no new hardware required

Deutsche Telekom (Frankfurt: DTE)(NYSE:DT) propels its Entertain TV offer into the third dimension: At the start of IFA 2010, all Entertain customers can call up the content of their choice via Videoload, the online video store. Via the TV menu, subscribers have round-the-clock access to 3D movie highlights from Hollywood giants like Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Television.

“Every Entertain subscriber can already enjoy the 3D experience of the future from the comfort of their home”, says Christian P. Illek, Managing Director of Marketing, Telekom Deutschland. “With this step, we highlight Deutsche Telekom’s innovative strength and once again impressively demonstrate the future-proof nature of Entertain -every Entertain media receiver is already able to process 3D signals”.

In Videoload, Entertain’s online video store, latest blockbusters such as “Clash of the Titans” or “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” are available at the press of a button. Other movie highlights will follow, such as “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1”. Top-quality documentaries from Discovery Channel and adult programs will also be available in 3D. At no extra charge, Entertain subscribers can browse the TV archive and call up sporting events in 3D, for instance boxing matches and the opening game of the 2010 IIHF World Championship. The ideal opportunity for all Entertain subscribers to enjoy the advantages of 3D TV from the comfort of their home.

The 3D content is available for all Entertain subscribers and, after it has been called up, can be viewed for the next 24 hours without any restrictions. Since every Entertain media receiver is capable of transmitting 3D signals, Entertain subscribers require no new hardware. The only requirement for calling up and viewing 3D content via Entertain is a 3D-compatible TV set and the appropriate 3D glasses.

“The importance of 3D continues to grow in the home entertainment sector. We are pleased to jointly develop 3D with Deutsche Telekom and offer it for on-demand services”, explains Tim van Dyk, Executive Director Digital Distribution, Warner Bros. Entertainment Germany. “The combination of their technical know-how and the reach of Entertain makes Deutsche Telekom an invaluable partner”.

“Sony Pictures Television recognizes the immense potential of 3D and we are at the forefront of delivering this exciting technology through our content to clients worldwide”, says Simon Bathe, Director PayTV and OnDemand, Sony Pictures Television. “We are pleased to work with an innovative partner in Telekom Entertain to offer 3D content on demand to its customers”.

As an innovation leader in the German TV market, Deutsche Telekom has long been committed to the future of television. As early as in November 2009, the Group already transmitted a 3D signal successfully via the existing DSL network. In April 2010, 3D content was presented for the first time via Entertain at the University of Bonn. One month later, a major sporting event was broadcast in 3D for the first time: the opening game of the 2010 IIHF World Championship in Germany was shown on Entertain.