Zoran Demonstrates New 3D, IPTV and Blu-Ray Technologies at CEATEC 2010

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
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New SupraFRC® 301 Frame Rate Conversion Solution Optimized for Connected and 3D TV Performance

SUNNYVALE, CA — Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ: ZRAN), the U.S. DTV video processor market-share leader in flat panel televisions, is demonstrating its latest 3D, Internet Connected DTV and Blu-ray platforms for global consumer electronics manufacturers at CEATEC 2010, Makuhari Messe, Hall 2, Booth 2A21 in Tokyo from October 5 to 9.

3D & Internet Connected DTV platforms

Zoran’s new SupraFRC® 301 3D TV solution is paired with its latest SupraHD® 790 and 690 HDTV processors on powerful new platforms, specifically designed to optimize 3D performance on flat panel televisions.

Zoran also will be demonstrating its Internet Connected high-definition flat-panel television platforms for manufacturers shipping to Europe, Brazil, China, Japan, the U.S. and other regions, where there is growing demand for popular online applications such as RoxioNow™, Vudu and Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) among others. These platforms include DLNA, the connectivity standard for home and mobile device interoperability.

“At CEATEC, we are demonstrating our latest digital-television platforms and technologies for manufacturers that want to deliver 3D and Internet Connected television products to global markets. Our new Frame Rate Conversion technology is getting high marks and very positive feedback from television manufacturers, especially when compared to competitive solutions,” said Mustafa Ozgen, vice president and general manager Zoran’s digital TV business unit, Home Entertainment division.

Cutting-edge 3D TV technology

Zoran’s proprietary patented SupraFRC® technology is designed to produce sharper images and reduce judder by using cutting-edge technologies based on innovative advanced algorithms. The solution robustly processes images using multi-scale object-based geometrical processing instead of relying on a single-motion-computation-per-pixel solution used by competitors. Zoran’s solution bypasses the video quality limitations of traditional block-search algorithms and effectively enables artifact-free true-FRC for flat panel 3D televisions. The geometric processing provides unprecedented correction for blurring, halo effects, ghosting and shadowing artifacts. Television viewers immediately see improved image quality on sets using this technology.

Going forward, the SupraFRC® technology provides a fundamental shift to a new and better way to interpolate video frames than the 14-year-old block-level computational system used by others. Zoran’s single memory SupraFRC® system provides industry-leading video quality at significantly reduced computational overhead and more cost efficiency to manufacturers, which means more affordable TVs for consumers.

Blu-ray platforms

Zoran supplies Blu-ray integrated SoC solutions ideal for portable, standalone and home theater Blu-ray players. In addition, Zoran provides turn-key Blu-ray platform solutions that include support for BD-Live as well as other popular online applications.

“Zoran is currently working with a number of leading OEMs and ODMs developing Blu-ray and HD media player products targeting the United States and other regions. Our demonstrations at CEATEC will highlight the latest Blu-ray technology optimized for all regions of these growing global markets,” said Anthony Simon, Vice President Marketing, Multimedia Systems Business Unit, Home Entertainment Division at Zoran.

Zoran will demonstrate the following product platforms at CEATEC 2010:

  • SupraFRC® 301 object-based 3D and Frame Rate Conversion de-judder technology for improved picture quality supporting 120Hz and 3D TVs, including Active Shutter Glasses- and Polarized Glasses-based 3D TVs
  • SupraHD® 790 and 690 full HDTV solutions for Internet Connected flat panel DTV markets in North and South America, Europe, China and Asia, with many new video and audio features and streaming capabilities
  • SupraHD® 676 full HDTV ARIB solution for Internet Connected flat panel DTV markets in Japan
  • VaddisHD® 200 Blu-Ray player reference designs optimized for standalone and portable models for global markets