Silicon Image Unveils First MHL™ Products

Monday, October 4th, 2010
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Comprehensive Solution Delivers Enhanced HD Video Connectivity Between Mobile Devices and HDTVs for Consumers

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Silicon Image (NASDAQ: SIMG), a leader in advanced, interoperable HD connectivity solutions for consumer electronics, today announced the availability of its first products that include support for the new MHL™ (Mobile High-Definition Link) standard – an MHL transmitter, an MHL-to-HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) bridge and an MHL-enabled HDTV port processor. MHL is a new mobile HD interface standard optimized for directly connecting mobile phones and other portable devices to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and displays, while simultaneously providing power to charge mobile device batteries over a single cable.

With the introduction of three new parts, Silicon Image will enable manufacturers of mobile devices, HDTVs, cables and accessories to quickly build a comprehensive end-to-end mobile HD video ecosystem based on the new MHL connectivity standard. Silicon Image’s MHL-enabled products include:

“¢ SiI9244 MHL transmitter for power-sensitive mobile devices
“¢ SiI9381A HDTV port processor for both HDMI and MHL connectivity
“¢ SiI9292 MHL-to-HDMI low-power bridge

“To meet consumers’ expectations for portability while providing the full HD experience, video and audio should flow seamlessly from mobile devices to televisions and other displays,” said Michael J. Palma, senior research analyst for consumer device semiconductors at market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC). “Building on its market-leading experience in connectivity solutions for consumer electronics (CE) devices, Silicon Image enhances interoperability between mobile and HDTV applications through a single cable, simplifying the connected home theater experience.”

SiI9244 MHL Transmitter

The SiI9244 is an MHL transmitter for HD video and audio designed for power-sensitive consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, portable media players and HD camcorders. Eliminating the need for an extra connector, the SiI9244 enables a cost-effective, low-pin count connectivity solution for the delivery of HD content.

SiI9381A HDTV Port Processor

The SiI9381A port processor seamlessly interfaces with MHL-enabled mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The SiI9381A also supports four HDMI inputs with InstaPort™ S – Silicon Image’s single-second HDMI port switching technology and integrates HDMI 1.4 Audio Return Channel and Content Type detection.

SiI9292 MHL-to-HDMI Bridge

The SiI9292 is integral to the design of low-power, MHL-to-HDMI accessory devices such as docking stations, converters and adapters, enabling HD video and audio connectivity between MHL-ready mobile devices and HDTVs with HDMI inputs.

“HD video has become a key differentiating feature for today’s mobile devices, but the small form factor of the mobile screen, while convenient, limits the HD viewing experience,” said Tim Vehling, vice president of the products business group at Silicon Image, Inc. “Today’s HDMI-enabled CE products offer consumers connectivity from the mobile device to the HDTV. MHL-enabled CE products further enhance this HD experience by enabling the viewing of mobile device content on the largest available screen without concern over battery life.”