Net Insight's Nimbra multi-service IPTV platform eases advanced service implementation to cost-effectively deliver next-generation content

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 
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ATLANTA (TelcoTV), October 24, 2007 (Booth #149) — Net Insight announces a solution to ease next-generation IPTV deployments for virtual headend operators with its Nimbra 300 and 600 series multi-service switches.

The Net Insight Nimbra multi-service IPTV platform enables headend operators to aggregate and distribute next-generation services, such as high-definition and non-linear interactive content, over terrestrial networks. Using robust mesh protection switching, it delivers 100 percent QoS and the highest availability. To share headend costs, “virtual headend” operators provide a centralized point of ingest for these services and then multicast those services across the network to subscribing telco and cable operators.

“Installed in over 25 countries, the Nimbra platform has become the worldwide standard for content contribution networks in the broadcast market, with the highest QoS and efficiency in the industry,” said Dan Lutter, director of IPTV/CATV sales North America for Net Insight. “We are now extending this platform and our expertise to telco distribution and delivery networks worldwide.”

Solutions based upon the Nimbra platform provide the point-to-multipoint efficiency of satellite, the asymmetrical bandwidth of ATM, the scalability and interactivity of IP, and the security and capacity of fiber transport. In addition, headend operators gain price and performance benefits through better network utilization and better picture quality. As a result, Net Insight is offering the most cost-effective path for operators to provide interactive services like personalized programming, time-shift TV, video-on-demand, games-on-demand, and e-commerce.

Net Insight’s Nimbra platform has already been deployed by many telco operators worldwide. One operator, Midwest Telnet, has extended its existing Nimbra network in a virtual headend trial to several rural telco and cable customers. “Nimbra switches have been in commercial operation in our network for several years now, and have proved to be very robust and easy to maintain,” says Marty Snustead, executive director of Midwest Tel NET. “Net Insight has exceeded our expectations for multi-service transport with the Nimbra platform.”

Through the ETSI standardized DTM (Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode) technology, Net Insight’s Nimbra platform optimizes the IP network providing 97 percent bandwidth utilization at 100 percent QoS. Net Insight will be demonstrating the Nimbra platform at TelcoTV in Atlanta, Georgia on October 23-25 (booth #149).