Net Insight and Skyline partner on live video workflows

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 
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Net Insight And Skyline Communications Join Forces To Simplify Live Media Services Management

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Net Insight, the leading provider of media transport solutions, and Skyline Communications, the global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management, announce a strategic partnership to launch an integrated solution designed to streamline live video workflows across various networks.

The collaboration between Net Insight and Skyline Communications provides broadcasters, service providers, production companies, and enterprises with an integrated solution that simplifies the planning and scheduling of work orders, automates link provisioning, and secures media transport across both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. This solution helps businesses to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve service delivery, which in turn can lead to increased profitability and growth opportunities.

“We are excited to partner with Skyline Communications to provide our customers with a streamlined solution for managing live video workflows,” says Christer Bohm, Vice President Product Management at Net Insight. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to delivering efficient, reliable, and scalable solutions for live media services management. With our combined expertise and innovative features, we are confident that this solution will provide tremendous value to our customers.”

“We are thrilled for this strategic partnership with Net Insight to bring to market an integrated solution that brings convenience and reliability to our customers,” says Steven Soenens, VP Product Marketing at Skyline Communications. Our flagship monitoring and orchestration platform, DataMiner, seamlessly integrates with Net Insight’s media transport solutions including Nimbra Vision and Nimbra Edge, providing end-to-end visibility, control and automation across any network infrastructure, including public cloud networks, on-premises IP media fabrics and legacy SDI routers, and any other media processing functions. This collaboration showcases our shared commitment to innovation, reliability, and efficiency, and we look forward to demonstrating our joint solution at the NAB Show 2023.”

The innovative solution will be showcased at the NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas, highlighting its key features, including:

  • Media Service Management: Seamless planning of work orders, monitoring and control of Net Insight’s media networks, including managed (Nimbra Series) and public cloud networks (Nimbra Edge), through DataMiner, Skyline Communications’ flagship network management and orchestration platform.
  • Live Data Sharing: Easily share live data with anyone, anywhere, with just a few clicks, improving collaboration and decision-making.
  • Intelligent Resource and Capacity Management: Efficiently allocate resources, such as equipment and personnel, and manage capacity to optimize live media service delivery.
  • Cost Tracking and Billing: Calculate and track resource costs, generate billing records, and streamline financial processes.
  • Multi-Tenant Self-Service Portals: Conveniently enter work orders and book media services through user-friendly, self-service portals.
  • On-the-Fly Deployable APIs: Integrate the solution with existing scheduling systems using flexible and easily deployable APIs.

For more information about the integrated solution and the NAB Show 2023 demo, please visit the Net Insight (NAB booth W1725) and Skyline Communications (NAB booth W1649) websites.

Links: Net Insight; Skyline