24i and Amagi partner to enable rapid launch of streaming services

Thursday, March 30th, 2023 
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24i and Amagi announce technical partnership that enables streaming services like SEGI.TV to launch its own advanced apps for the big screen

  • 24i and Amagi partnership enables FAST channel operators to rapidly launch high-quality owned and operated (O&O) streaming apps on connected TVs and other streaming devices, expanding innovation in viewing experiences and deepening their relationship with consumers
  • SEGI.TV will launch an upgraded multi-device, app-based, big screen streaming experience using 24i’s application framework and Amagi’s channel playout and live orchestration solutions – Amagi CLOUDPORT and Amagi LIVE
  • The combined power of Amagi and 24i will enable SEGI.TV to more easily monetize its innovative content that focuses on great content, live events and sports.

LAS VEGAS — NAB Show 2023 — 24i, the video streaming user experience expert, today announced a technical partnership with Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV.

The partnership will see 24i and Amagi collaborating to expand the ways FAST channel providers engage with their audiences, offering them a rapid route to launching their own high-quality apps and expanding their services to offer AVOD and SVOD alongside their existing live and live linear streams to optimize content discovery as their libraries grow.

The first company to benefit from this partnership is SEGI.TV, a U.S. streaming service that will use Amagi CLOUDPORT and Amagi LIVE to construct an engaging new FAST channel, which will be distributed initially on a new O&O SEGI.TV app for connected TVs and other streaming devices, created using 24i Mod Studio.

Launched in 2020 by Sycamore Entertainment Group, SEGI.TV’s mission is to offer movies and television programming on the themes of equality, sustainability and community that appeal to a diverse audience and taps into the changing cultural environment.

SEGI.TV’s VOD assets and live channels will be synchronized from Amagi CLOUDPORT to 24i’s modular SaaS video streaming platform, 24i Mod Studio. This will enable SEGI.TV’s editorial team to manage both its content and the application user experience in 24i’s Backstage interface. Here, the company will be able to curate attractive VOD collections and publish them alongside its Amagi FAST channel in 24i’s configurable streaming applications on a wide variety of connected devices.

The partnership announced today will enable companies like SEGI.TV to accelerate their streaming innovation and deliver a broadcast-grade viewing experience. 24i and Amagi will deepen their collaboration in the coming months to deliver more business models to more devices with more advanced capabilities, including personalization, recommendations and advanced viewership analytics for O&O apps.

Edward Sylvan, CEO at Sycamore Entertainment Group at SEGI.TV said: “At SEGI.TV, our goal is to provide great content, live events and sports to an increasingly diverse audience. Having a more direct connection through our own streaming apps is an important way for us to get across our values, and offer a richer experience for all. We’re excited by the opportunities for speed, reach and future growth that are offered by working with 24i and Amagi in partnership.”

Dr. Neale Foster, CEO at 24i said: “This exciting partnership with Amagi means we can help successful FAST services like SEGI.TV take the next step in its streaming journey. Our highly configurable and modular streaming platform is a quick route to a great user experience on all kinds of connected devices, but also a future-proof solution that can expand to add advanced functionality as services thrive. We look forward to helping many more of Amagi’s diverse FAST customers to grow their business in the coming months.”

Baskar Subramanian, CEO and Co-founder of Amagi, said: “Free streaming linear channels on connected TV EPGs, i.e. FAST channels have become a critical way for content owners to grow audiences and monetize more of their library. Now, 24i and Amagi are helping to accelerate the ideal experience for both content and consumers going forward. This partnership means our customers can quickly launch owned and operated apps featuring both VOD and live linear streaming experiences.”

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