FASTWEB selects ContentWise for the first pilot project of intuitive TV

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

FASTWEB: first pilot project using the TV recommendation programme ContentWise Intuitive TV becomes a reality for Italian Viewers

Milan — FASTWEB, Italy’s second largest fixed telecommunications provider and the first company in the world to offer its customers IPTV, has selected Neptuny’s ContentWise product in order to carry out a pilot project based on previous viewing behaviour and other-user ratings to provide recommendations to television viewers, thus reducing the amount of time needed to look for preferred content.

FASTWEB plans to use this revolutionary IPTV content recommendation system in order to help viewers in selecting content from the thousands of programmes available, thus making watching FASTWEB TV a tailor-made experience.

The system is based on a proprietary algorithm which supplies weighted recommendations for individual users based on their preferences (i.e. actor, director, genre). FASTWEB can recommend programmes that fit user tastes and profiles, exploiting all the content available, including niche content. ContentWise enhances spontaneous customer purchases by giving direct access to “favourite” programmes, thus potentially increasing revenues from VoD.

Riccardo Bambini, FASTWEB Labs’s IPTV manager comments “ContentWise adds value to the current FASTWEB IPTV offering by enabling unique features which increase IPTV customer enjoyment hence giving FASTWEB a competitive advantage”.

Fabio Violante, Neptuny’s CEO, comments, “As FASTWEB is one of our main customers, we have been working with them to improve the IPTV user experience.

Some of ContentWise’s unique features are the result of suggestions from FASTWEB Labs hence it is great news that they have chosen our new product. According to similar experiences in other fields, we foresee that the adoption of ContentWise should have a positive impact on the ARPU of FASTWEB IPTV.”