Latens Showcase ECO UI5 OTT middleware on iPad at TelcoTV

Monday, November 8th, 2010
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Latens latest ECO UI5 middleware solution with software CAS/DRM offers OTT content anywhere at anytime

ATLANTA — Latens (TelcoTV stand no. 244), the leading provider of software security solutions for Pay-TV across all networks today announced their plans to showcase Latens ECO UI5 middleware with Latens Over-The-Top (OTT) Video Portal on PC, STB and iPad at TelcoTV 2010.

TelcoTV, which will take place November 9 to 11, 2010 in Las Vegas, offers a unique venue for Latens to showcase their new middleware and OTT offerings. This year’s theme, “Profiting in a Multi-Screen World,” reflects the industry addressing the changes in consumer behavior with new products and solutions to help operators offer and monetize OTT applications and services.

Latens ECO middleware enables a complete viewing experience to all screens in the home, is designed to work across all network types, and be deployed in all regions and languages. The ECO system incorporates Latens CAS/DRM to ensure that all content is secure and available across all devices including PC, iPad, mobile devices and multiple set-top boxes. The ECO solution also scales to allow an operator to increase or modify the feature portfolio to ensure a future-proof solution. Latens ECO with pre-integrated CAS is also deployed in a federated model allowing operators to franchise their IPTV services in a cost effective way reducing management and production costs.

“Latens ECO UI5 enhances the viewing experience with an incredibly rich, high-definition interface driven by cover art and posters and also incorporates new intuitive content search facilities such as recommendations to the user based on previous seen programmes,” explains Simon Leadlay, Latens ECO Product Manager.

Latens will showcase its ECO UI 5 Middleware, with pre-integrated CAS on multiple devices including iPad. Key features include broadcast broadband video, DVR, remote DVR, DLNA enabled services, internet applications for TV, home networking and much more for operators to provide any content, anytime, anywhere solutions.