ATIS IIF Launches Stereoscopic 3DTV Quality Initiative

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
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WASHINGTON, DC — The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions’ (ATIS) IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF) has recently launched a new work program to address Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for Stereoscopic 3D IPTV.

Stereoscopic 3D is a rapidly developing area, but further data collection is necessary in order to best understand user perceptions of quality. To this end, the IIF will describe, analyze and recommend multiple quality-related metrics. Potential metrics include: depth maps and depth perception, loss of resolution caused by frame-compatible formats, video synchronization, 3D graphics and closed captioning, ghosting from left-right cross-talk, QoE issues such as 3D fatigue, and more.

Once the information gathering and analyses are complete, the IIF will produce specifications which address areas of applicable QoS and QoE. This work not only ensures a worthwhile end-user experience, but also naturally complements the IIF’s other recent efforts, which enable on-demand services and support for Internet-sourced content in the IPTV ecosystem. Previously, the IIF established IPTV’s functional framework for the delivery of linear / broadcast services over IPTV.

“The IIF’s 3D initiative addresses a rapidly growing television capability and nascent market segment,” said Susan Miller, ATIS’ President and CEO. “Along with the IIF’s other efforts, this 3D work is advancing IPTV’s continued evolution and setting the foundation for the future’s more robust IPTV capabilities.”