Telecom Italia announces new Cubovision platform for digital content

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
Telecom Italia logo

MILAN — Telecom Italia (Milan: TIT) presents Cubovision®, an advanced new broadband service that simply combines broadcast and broadband to deliver innovative, involving and interactive TV. Cubovision® takes home entertainment to the next level by offering a new and accessible experience via TV, PC, smartphone and tablet, allowing Telecom Italia’s ADSL customers to access a vast range of content, HD and 3D included.

The latest Cubovision® takes advantage of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) microprocessors to transform home TVs into veritable online multimedia centres. Home viewers receive personal, interactive access to “bespoke” TV content, and no longer need be restricted by TV schedules.

Cubovision® offers access to thousands of items of on demand content, including over 1500 hours of regularly-updated programming per month, spanning over 200 TV series, cartoons, documentaries, concerts and especially films, as a result of agreements with major Italian and international producers.

Telecom Italia’s latest product brings internet content and the best of WebTV, including, directly to home TV screens.

Cubovision® also works as a digital terrestrial decoder, so that viewers can access free digital terrestrial programming and all Premium bundles.

The world of Cubovision® is also accessible from the latest generation of connected Samsung Smart TVs by tuning in to Digital Terrestrial Channel 999 using one of the new “DGTVi Gold” decoders, or by simply connecting via a PC to the website.

Telecom Italia will soon make a Cubovision® App available for download from the Apple and Samsung Application Stores, which will allow tablets and smartphones to connect to the multimedia platform.