CHILI to be available on the TIM Box in Italy

Monday, September 30th, 2019
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Agreement between TIM and CHILI: TIMVISION content gets a further boost

  • From October TIM customers will enjoy exclusive benefits on the CHILI platform, such as the Welcome Gift Card to watch movie premieres at a special price

ROME — Telecom Italia (TIM) and CHILI have signed an agreement that will make the CHILI offer available also on the TIM Box. CHILI is the digital platform that offers rental and purchase of on demand films, along with the compete entertainment related merchandising.

From October TIM customers will be able to access the CHILI catalogue and choose from a wide range of titles including newly released film premieres at discounted rates that can be paid directly through the bill.

This new agreement is an addition to the existing partnership between the two companies, due to which last June TIM added the “CHILI Welcome Gift Card” to the “TIM Party” loyalty programme, allowing its customers to watch some of the most popular films on the CHILI platform, consisting of over 800 titles. Adding to this, from October TIM customers will have the chance to access a window to watch film premieres and buy merchandising at exclusive prices.

This significant partnership further strengthens TIM’s streaming platform, at the same time confirming TIMVISION’s strategy of being the main aggregator of high-quality digital content by securing agreements with industry players, responding to the diverse needs and tastes of the audience: TV series, films and news, in addition to the main national and international sporting events. With its updated features, TIM Box promises the best customer experience on all television sets, relying on TIM’s top quality network providing an even fuller viewing experience.