Jungo Embraces the Connected Home with Remote Management Solution for Gateways and STBs

Monday, March 21st, 2011
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  • Allows service providers to manage multiple device types
  • Provides holistic view across the entire home network
  • Tight integration with the CPE side greatly extends the standard TR-069 parameters enabling better fault discovery, analysis and faster resolution

LONDON — Jungo Ltd., an NDS Group company and a leading provider of unified software solutions for residential gateways, today launched Panorama, its next generation remote management system for DSL, Cable and Fiber service providers.

Jungo Panorama enables the management of home Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) as well as broadband and video services, handling the connected home as a whole and providing increased visibility across the network. This holistic home view approach enables service provider representatives to manage and provide support both for the service and at the single device level. This improves the quality of experience for subscribers while reducing support costs. Jungo’s panorama is fully integrated with NDS set-top box software and has been selected by several service providers to manage their gateways and set-top boxes.

Jungo’s Panorama is a next generation product designed to reduce support calls, call duration and truck rolls through intelligent business logic and methodologies, leveraging Jungo’s deep technical expertise in managing devices through gateway software already deployed by many service providers. Panorama is tightly linked with CPE side software and extends the standard TR-069 parameters allowing improved identification of a wide range of performance, security and connectivity issues, including both existing and future problems. Once identified, problems can be remotely resolved through simple and effective predefined processes.

Panorama’s multi-layered view methodology provides end-to-end problem-solving tools resulting in better and faster fault discovery, analysis and resolution. It includes a full network map-view which provides a comprehensive picture of both retail and managed devices, and allows the service provider to ‘zoom-in’ on a single device for more detailed monitoring and troubleshooting. Cross-device analysis enables the service provider’s support representative to pinpoint the root cause of a failure quickly, even if the symptom appears on the device that is intact. Additionally, Service View enables customer support representatives to filter their views by services, e.g. telephony, DVR, and Internet, allowing them to monitor and control a specific service. This unique capability minimizes interaction between the representative and the ‘everyday user’.

Cesar Bachelet, Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason said: “In developed markets, operators are extending their reach within consumers’ homes, by managing their home network, providing connectivity and delivering content to a growing number of devices. As fixed broadband and pay-TV penetration approach saturation levels, operators will need to focus on revenue growth from the provision of services within the home, rather than to the home, as was the case in the past. But they must also ensure that this deeper foray into the home does not result in an escalation of customer service and support costs. Not only do remote management solutions enable operators to more efficiently support an increasingly complex ecosystem by minimising these costs, but they can also help them to pre-empt major problems before they occur, thus maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.”

“With Panorama we are setting a new standard for support and management in the home, raising expectations to a whole new level”, said Eran Rom, Jungo’s CEO. “Service Providers today are, at best, capable of managing specific CPE without clear visibility into the full connected home environment. Panorama changes this by offering a truly comprehensive experience where everything in the home is linked and managed centrally. We expect Panorama to take centre stage in the evolution of the connected home as it dramatically reduces support costs and shapes the future user experience.”

Panorama offers out-of-the-box connectivity with other devices beyond the residential gateway and the set-top box, including cameras, mobile phones and tablets. It is fully scalable to provision for supplementary devices as they come to market.