Ireland - HomeVision triple play launches

Monday, November 19th, 2007

HomeVision Delivers the next level in TV, Broadband and telephone for Consumers in Ireland with Next Generation Network Technology

  • Digital TV, Broadband and Telephone on just one bill
  • First Irish video on-demand library service
  • Delivering Digital TV with your choice of Sky packages
  • Consistently fast true Broadband, up to 60 times faster than dial up
  • Customers can choose from four headline packages or build their own packages to meet their needs
  • State of the art bespoke CRM software and services to deliver better customer service and care
  • 30 Days no quibbles opt-out trial as a statement of confidence
  • First 2 months free on standard packages

DUBLIN — HomeVision, a new triple play offering has entered the Irish market today. HomeVision is a Next Generation Digital Network that delivers digital TV to your television with broadband and a range of home phone options including free calls and low rate local, national, mobile and international calls. HomeVision is offering consumers a 30 day ‘no quibbles’ trial and a guaranteed two months free in addition to the first video on-demand (VOD) library in Ireland, all on one bill which will save the consumer money.

HomeVision is currently available in Clondalkin, Coolock, Clontarf, Whitehall, Tallaght, Santry, Crown Alley, Dolphin’s Barn and Summerhill. Prior to the launch HomeVision has been extensively tested in the Crosbies Yard development where residents enjoy the best in fibre to the home, next generation technology which delivers consistently fast broadband speeds even during peak usage times along with a choice in digital TV viewing options to suit their specific viewing needs. It also offers the lowest cost telephone packages allowing customers to tailor their package to suit their needs at a price that is cheaper than any other provider on the market today.

HomeVision is the latest in state of the art technology delivering best-of-breed products into the home with quality service, multiple options at the most competitive price. Customer Care and service will be at the forefront of their offering. 3PlayPlus, the company behind HomeVision, has the sector’s first custom built joined up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which enables them to deliver fast and efficient customer service.

“We wanted a system which guaranteed our customers quality of care service to go with our quality triple play offering,” commented Terry Crowley, Managing Director at 3PlayPlus. “We know that HomeVision’s triple play offering is what consumers are looking for in terms of the latest services but equally we know the importance of customer care and quality service which has been the bane of many customers in recent years. Our CRM solution will allow us to track the customer sign up process, update them via communications methods they use frequently (email & SMS) and guarantee a fault reporting mechanism that places them in control of their service. No more Bermuda triangle experiences for technical support and billing issues. We’ve made it simple for customers to switch. One call and we’ll do the rest, added Crowley.

Digital TV

HomeVision Digital TV delivers high quality TV pictures and sound allowing a greater number of channels to be supplied to the customer. HomeVision’s Electronic Programming Guide allows reminders to be set up for favourites, provides programme details, elapsed program time indicator and facilitates parental controls using a PIN enabled account – all via the set top box. HomeVision is the first Irish provider to deliver real VOD (Video On-Demand) capability to its customers from a library of content. Utilising the latest and most modern technology with ADSL 2+ and MPEG4, HomeVision offers customers services, which are transmitted at higher data speeds, delivering better quality TV pictures and sound than is currently being delivered by other operators.

Initially HomeVision VOD will offer a range of Irish produced programming, TV movies and a library of BBC programmes. Customers will also be able to avail of four Sky pack options (Sports and Movies), thus enjoying the benefits of the full Sky TV selection and programming tailored to their specific viewing needs. As the HomeVision customer base grows, HomeVision will Increase its selection of standard VOD choices and will also over time include Hollywood blockbusters.


HomeVision’s telephone service is an industry standard telephony service for residential customers. HomeVision is delivered over the customer telephone line. When a customer moves to HomeVision, the customer’s telephone number and line move together ensuring no disruption to service. Line rental is included in package pricing. All customer calls are routed over the HomeVision Next Generation Network. HomeVision does not have legacy profit margins to maintain on voice calls and as a result, can pass the industry reduced call rates onto the customer. Standard features like voicemail are also included. Voicemail boxes can be personalised and accessed by dialling 171 and entering a password. HomeVision is offering two telephone options. Option one is to make all local and national calls free 24/7 with the second option to pay per second with rates considerably cheaper than any other supplier.


HomeVision broadband is “always on” and customers won’t be restricted by the length of time they spend online unlike standard dial up. Always on broadband allows customers to download movies and TV shows, music or simply browse websites without restriction. HomeVision broadband will offer two download speeds; 2MBps and 4MBps both with 256KBps upload capability. The speeds offered are consistently available and will meet the needs of residential customers. HomeVision broadband comes with large download limits of 30 and 50 Gigabytes depending on the package you select. “We wanted to offer our customers a best in class service and with high download speeds. They will be able to download what they want when they want, anything from 15,000 songs to 400,000 web pages per month,” commented Terry Crowley. “The beauty of triple play and VOD for our customers is the number of options available to them will be captured on one bill per month, one easy payment with transparent pricing which is much more convenient for the customer.”

3PlayPlus, the company behind HomeVision has built a next generation network, thus bypassing in the majority, the legacy inflexible network of other operators. 3PlayPlus has invested in an in-house development team to create specific services for the Irish market. 3PlayPlus is funded by PlanNet 21 Communications which is a telecommunications and systems integration company which has been in business for 12 years providing products and services to some of Ireland’s leading corporate and government organisations.

“We’ve listened to what the Irish public want and are confident that when customers look at our packages they will find that they are the best value in the market and we are fully confident in the quality of our service which is why we’re encouraging everyone to look at HomeVision and trial it with our ’30 day no quibbles opt-out’ period. We are confident we can offer this because we have the latest technology delivering high quality services at great value prices that will compete with any other offering on the market in Ireland,” added Terry Crowley.