Unique Broadband Systems Partners with CMMB America to Expand CMMB Services Worldwide

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

TORONTO, Canada — Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. (UBS), a major developer of COFDM technology and applications, is proud to announce that CMMB America made a strategic alliance with UBS to support the expansion of CMMB services.

CMMB America LLC, an affiliate of CMMB Vision Holdings Ltd., headquartered in Renton (USA), is promoting the deployment of converged broadcast-broadband content delivery networks using CMMB technologies through alliances with cellular carriers, television broadcasters and new media content owners and providers. CMMB technologies can be applied to existing spectrum and infrastructures, allowing cellular carriers, broadcasters and content owners to quickly meet the rising demand for mobile video and Internet services. Doing so, CMMB America helps carriers free up additional bandwidth through more efficient use of spectrum, creates new business opportunities and acts as an integral part of the National Broadband Plan.

UBS, headquartered in Toronto (Canada), provided technological insight during the early stages of the CMMB standard specifications and contributed to the definition of the CMMB waveform as it is known today. Leveraging from its local presence in China through UBS Beijing Technologies Ltd, UBS has been significantly contributing to the roll out of CMMB technology throughout China, with its Universal Modulator activated with the CMMB waveform. CMMB America will exclusively use UBS CMMB equipment during all trials, demonstrations and commercial roll out in the USA and Canada. The first trial was successfully completed in Denver on March 14.

“We are proud to see that UBS leadership, innovation capabilities and investment in supporting the CMMB adoption has been valued by CMMB America,”, says David Dane, President and Chief Executive Officer of UBS. “This exclusive partnership is demonstrating UBS capabilities to drive innovation and we look forward to contributing to the roll-out of the CMMB technology outside China.”

“CMMB America’s Team was impressed by UBS business acumen, technological flexibility, innovation capabilities and outstanding support,” says Vernon Fotheringham, Managing Director CMMB America. “The level of professionalism and the great support and responsiveness of both UBS Sales Engineering Team and Executive Management made us confident that we had chosen the right partner. We are excited with the success of the first ever CMMB trial in the USA. This is a major milestone that is paving the way for further testing and demonstrations, ultimately leading to the adoption of the CMMB technology worldwide.”