OzTAM releases DTT technology penetration figures for Australia

Monday, April 4th, 2011
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OzTAM is pleased to release new information on the take-up of digital terrestrial television (DTT*) technology in Australia’s five metropolitan markets(+).

While OzTAM has published quarterly DTT penetration estimates since the first quarter of 2009, additional detail now available includes:

  • A trend line illustrating monthly take-up estimates over the past year(∆)
  • Households able to receive High Definition (HD) DTT services (access to up to 16 DTT channels)
  • PVR households (homes that have a Personal Video Recording device with a hard drive, e.g. FOXiQ, MyStar, TiVo, T-Box, consumer PVRs)

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “This additional data provides a more complete picture of DTT-capable households for OzTAM subscribers and will enhance our clients’ analysis and forecasting capabilities in a rapidly changing media environment.”

Among the findings:

  • DTT penetration across the five metropolitan markets has risen to 89 per cent, up from 69 per cent just one year ago
  • 52 per cent of metro homes are now completely DTT capable, meaning every working television set in the home can receive DTT
  • 82 per cent of metro homes are HD-capable (60 per cent in March 2010)
  • Across the five cities, PVR penetration is now 40 per cent, compared to 28 per cent in March 2010

The data also illustrates the differences between markets. For example:

  • DTT penetration is highest in Perth (92 per cent) and lowest in Sydney (84 per cent)
  • Perth and Adelaide have the highest number of HD-capable homes (85 per cent in each city)
  • PVR penetration is highest in Sydney (42 per cent) and lowest in Adelaide (38 per cent)

OzTAM will continue to update these figures monthly to illustrate the extent to which DTT technology is advancing.

The following table provides the estimate of the percentage of homes that are completely DTT capable; it will also be updated each month.

Percentage of homes that are completely DTT capable
(as at 19 March, 2011)
Sydney       49.2%
Melbourne    51.8%
Brisbane     52.4%
Adelaide     52.9%
Perth        55.3%
Five cities  52.0%

+ Source: OzTAM, five mainland metropolitan Television Audience Measurement (TAM) panels.
* DTT homes can receive digital free-to-air television (Standard Definition and/or High Definition) over the air. These homes may also have access to Subscription Television.
∆ Estimates are as of the last day of each four-week survey period. Most recent figures as of 19 March, 2011.

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