Skyviia Selects Discretix Hardware-Assisted DRM For Hybrid Set-Top Boxes SoCs

Monday, April 4th, 2011
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STBs with Robust Content Protection Enable VoD and Multi-Device Content Sharing, Creating an Exceptionally Versatile Trusted Home Entertainment Environment

LAS VEGAS — 2011 NAB Show — Discretix, the leading global provider of field proven content protection solutions, announced today that Skyviia Corporation has chosen Discretix’ hardware-assisted DRM for integration into its SoCs for hybrid set-top boxes.

The move opens the way for home entertainment lovers to create a living room system that supports the widest possible range of multimedia types and uses, from Internet video streaming and Video on Demand (VoD) to content sharing among different devices and much more.

In its Skyviia deployment, Discretix’ Multi-Scheme DRM Client and CryptoCell embedded security platform will be integrated to deliver a robust content protection solution. In addition to platform security and accelerated performance, the hardware-based embedded security reinforces the content protection client, by protecting permanent key material, sensitive data and multimedia content.

As the world’s most widely deployed embedded security technology for connected devices, CryptoCell offers an outstanding level of security with a flexible architecture designed to support the constantly evolving standards of content protection for connected homes. CryptoCell’s strong protection of device assets and secure execution environment is designed to protect against the multiple threats faced by open operating systems.

Discretix’ Multi-Scheme DRM Client is a field proven solution that has been ported and tested on scores of mobile and in-home device platforms. Its efficient implementation and minimal code size conserves device resources; by supporting all the major DRM schemes in use today including OMA DRM V1.0/2.1, Microsoft® PlayReady™, Microsoft® WM-DRM 10 and CPRM, OEMs are assured of rapid integration and reduced time to market.

“Internet-connected set-top boxes and televisions offer the consumer a greater level of interactivity and choice. By embedding content protection into its products, Skyviia will be facilitating a much broader range of entertainment choices,” said Dr. Fuja Shone, President & CEO of Skyviia. “This unique combination of hardware and software provides content protection that is both robust and versatile.”

“Open, connected systems create an incredible array of premium content and application options. Yet these systems have a significantly higher threat profile,” said Coby Sella, CEO for Discretix. “Discretix’ hardware-assisted DRM provides the right balance between robust content protection and flexibility, allowing consumers to get the most from this new generation of entertainment products.”